April 11, 2022

“We can learn from the successes and failures of the past, looking at policies– what worked, and what didn’t–throughout history,” says Jackson DeMarre, Century College history major. Jackson is passionate about American, Native, and Music history, and he particularly enjoys learning about Cold War history.

Jackson knows that education is crucial. “A good education makes you think critically and it’s what we need most in modern American society,” he says.  “We need critical thinking skills to understand and fight misinformation.”

High-Quality, Affordable Education

From Maplewood, Mn, and a member of the White Earth tribe, Jackson was a non-traditional student when he arrived at Century College, after having worked for a number of years.  A friend suggested that he try Century College, and he began in the fall of 2020.

“Century College was close to home, and I had heard good things about it,” Jackson remembers. “Plus, it’s a very affordable school—you’re receiving a high-quality education.  Additionally, I had a Pell grant, and got scholarships and that helped, too.”

Giving Back Through Tutoring

“The College has a welcoming vibe, it’s a welcoming school. Faculty have been very nice – they care about student success. I hold that in high value,” he notes.

Jackson was taking Composition 2 when English faculty member Celia Swanson recommended that he join the Century College Writing Center as a tutor.  She recognized his strong writing skills and great people skills.  He enjoys the interaction with fellow students, and helping them become better writers

Outstanding Student Award in History

Jackson takes pride in the effort that he puts into his class assignments and discussions, and he was recently received the Century College Outstanding Student Award in History.  “It’s a tremendous honor, and a recognition of my hard work.”

Future Plans

Jackson is halfway through his AA degree, will transfer to a University of Minnesota school for his four-year degree.  After that, he plans to attend graduate school. Eventually, he would like to teach Minnesota, Native or Music history, and perhaps write an anthology of the evolution of American Blues.

A talented musician, Jackson plays guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica, autoharp, and dulcimer. He loves all kinds of music, from folk to bluegrass, blues, jazz, and Cajun. In his free time, he studies the work of various musicians.  This summer, he’ll take a break from his studies and plans to work as a musician.

Advice for New Students

For other non-traditional students who may want to try Century College, Jackson offers the following advice, “I was there, initially unsure about college, but there’s nothing to be timid about. Being a college student is fun and satisfying.”


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