November 29, 2021

It’s not easy to work full time, and attend college, but Century College student Ermias Tekle is focused on graduating with his Liberal Arts AA degree in 2022. ”College is very important.  If you go to school, you have a better chance to be successful,” He says.  “I want to show my three children what is possible, and I want them to be self-sufficient.” 

Coming from a family of hard-working, successful entrepreneurs, Ermias has played an integral role in running his family’s thriving St. Paul furniture business, Elsa’s House of Sleep

He is also part of a Century College family.  His wife, Salina, is working on her degree as well.  Together, they encourage and support each other as they pursue their life, career, and academic goals, while being strong role models for their children.

With focus, intention, planning, and taking school one semester at a time, Ermias is succeeding at keeping his work, school, and personal life balanced, despite the busy challenges.  And Century College faculty and staff have been there to help him, every step of the way.

Supportive Staff and Faculty

“I always advocate for Century College. Staff and faculty are always helpful,” Ermias says. “They will always point you in the right direction.

“And I’ve never been steered wrong by the counselors and advisors.  For example, I was advised to take one of Elliot Wilcox’s Music history classes, and wasn’t sure about it, but I really enjoyed it.  Another time, I took an English class–not my strongest subject–but the teacher was really helpful.  Century College classes are really phenomenal.”

Once he gets his AA degree, Ermias will move on to get his bachelor’s degree, probably in Law Enforcement or Law.  He’s committed to public service and helping others. “I’ve enjoyed my Century College experience.  I’ll miss Century College once I complete my degree,” Ermias says. “It’s my home.”