June 25, 2021

Josh Englert was in the beginning of his college career, taking his general educational requirements at a local community college, when his video business began to take off.  He had always been interested in creating videos, and had taught himself how to create music and sports videos, from an early age.  He studied how the videos were done and eventually found his own distinctive style. 

In 2019, he got job with SLAM, a news media company, and created basketball highlights for social media.  Eventually, he landed his dream job as the personal videographer for WNBA player Ariel Powers.

Perfecting His Skills at Century College

Josh knew that he wanted to stay in the Twin Cities and continue his education, so he investigated Century College’s Filmmaking and Video Production program, and liked what he saw. He transferred to Century, and was soon enjoying his classes. “I liked all of the VCT instructors, particularly Mike Eddy, and Tunji Akanbi–they were both good. And instructor Mary Megan would go person-to-person to make sure that students were understanding what they were learning.  They gave a lot of personal attention.”

One of Josh’s favorite classes was project planning. “That class really helped me to be more organized with videos and the ideas I have,” Josh says. “Plus, the VCT video classes went together with what I already knew, so I was fine-tuning the skills I had already developed.”

Real-World Experienceaa

One of Josh’s best learning experiences involved creating a short documentary for his last VCT class.  Josh and Rolando Ramos had become friends when they were working for rival media companies, covering the top high school basketball players.  Josh chose Rolando as the subject of his documentary, and, after conducting an initial video interview with Rolando, Josh flew out to New York City to interview his family and friends and shoot B-roll footage. “It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” Josh notes.

With his AAS degree from Century College, Josh is looking at his options.  He may continue to grow his own business or perhaps get a job as a content creator with a media company such as Lifetime,  In the meantime, he plans to do more documentary work over the summer and into next year.  He has two clients already, so he will be busy.

“School hasn’t always been my thing–I’m a hands-on learner,”  Josh says, “But the past 2 years at Century College are the best I’ve ever had. I got to do what I wanted to do and not what I had to do.  I thoroughly enjoyed my education at Century.”

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