June 16, 2021

Isabel Meisinger was in her sophomore year at North St. Paul High School when she heard about Century College’s Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program.  She decided to apply, and two years later, she’s graduating with both her high school diploma and with her Associate in Arts degree from Century. 

A Wide Variety of Classes Available

“I found out about the PSEO program late in the game, but applied and everything was easy from then on,” Isabel remembers. “Orientation was helpful, and my advisor assisted me with getting all the necessary paperwork done on time.  I was introduced to D2L (the online platform which connects students and teachers), and all the College resources.”

Isabel loved the wide variety of classes available to her.  “At Century College, I could decide which courses were best for me—I had lots of options, and the classes were offered at several different times,” Isabel notes. “It was good for my schedule.  And everything on campus was accessible and easy to find.  In addition, there was plenty of communication sent to the students, via the Wood Duck Weekly, student emails, or even on the posters around campus—that was all very good, too.”

Her favorite classes were Composition I and II with instructors Dana LeMay and Brandy Opse.  She also enjoyed her Math classes with instructor Mike Raney, along with her Art of Film class with Nicole Hinrichs-Bideau.  “My professors were all great,” Isabel says. “I went to their office hours.  They were all accessible in person (pre-pandemic) and available via Zoom meetings this past year.  They responded to emails very quickly.  They really cared about my understanding of the subjects they were teaching.  And they were respectful of my time.”

While Isabel was engaged in and excelling in her coursework, she was busy outside the classroom, as well.  She went back to North High to tutor students in Math once a week, and she also worked as a Tutor Linked to Classes in Composition at Century.  Outside of academia, Isabel has another job, working at Grandma’s Bakery.

Future Plans

Isabel is seeing the results of her hard work and careful planning over the past two years.  This fall, she will be starting her third year at St. Catherine College in St. Paul, MN.  She was recently awarded a Presidential Scholarship for her academic excellence and leadership qualities.  “I’m excited to be moving on to my last college,” Isabel says. “When I’m done with my BA in English, I’ll continue at St. Kate’s and work on my Master’s in Library and Information Sciences.  There are many, many options open in that field.”

Thanks to the head start and the solid academic foundation that she got at Century College, Isabel highly recommends the PSEO program.  “Century College offers a really wide variety of classes and opportunities to get involved, plus there are lots of helpful resources.  It was a very welcoming experience. Despite being a younger college student, I wasn’t treated any differently than anyone else.  My professors wanted me to succeed.  They were always helpful.”

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