June 16, 2021

Century College is committed to supporting student success. One of the ways it supports your success is by providing you with resources that help you structure your own learning opportunities. On the Student Online Learning page, you can find the Student Success Toolkit (in the accordion Planning for Success). This toolkit provides guidance on your readiness to engage in college-level courses. It does so by asking you to consider your motivation, time availability, and existing resources to complete academic studies.

The first resource in the toolkit is titled “Am I Ready for Study?” It is a survey that you can take to better understand your learning readiness for college-level courses. The survey includes sections on study experience, work & family, student intentions, study skills, computer skills, and work habits. Along the way, you are given feedback on factors that work in your favor and some challenges that you may face in taking college courses. At the end of the survey, you’ll receive an overall readiness summary that will give you insights on how to best prepare for college studies. You can also download the results for your reference.

The next tool to help you determine your learning readiness is titled “Do I Have Enough Time?” This module allows you to calculate the time you spend on various weekly activities. Some examples of such activities include work, family, household chores, hobbies, leisure, and sleep. It is intended to provide you with guidance on how much time you may need to engage in college-level studies, and how you may need to balance different priorities. Given that time management is one of the most important factors in successful coursework completion, it is essential to allot your time appropriately while taking college courses.

Finally, the third tool is titled “Who Can I Ask?” Another very important factor in student success is having supportive people who can help and motivate you to successfully complete your studies. You’ll be asked to identify family, friends, and others in your community who can serve as your support network. This network can include your family, friends, other students, your employer, college, and others. At the same time, you’ll get advice on how to deal with a lack of support and common support problems such as struggling with course content, technology difficulties, work demands, and so forth. Having a supportive social network is imperative in succeeding in your coursework, so it’s a good idea to find people who will help you in your academic studies.

The Student Success Toolkit is just one of many support resources at Century College. If you have further questions about how to succeed in your studies, you can also talk to a Century advisor or counselor. You can contact an advisor or counselor online (, in person (W2410 or E2561) or by calling 651-779-3285.

Good luck in your studies!