June 08, 2021

After working as an IT professional, Jordan Anderson knew that he wanted to take his career in a different direction.  He wanted to pursue a career in film and videography.

Jordan had heard great things about Century College. “I knew Century had a really good VCT program and resources for finding jobs after graduation,” Jordan says.  “So, I decided Century College was the place for me.” 

Supportive Environment

Jordan researched Century’s filmmaking and video production program.   He was then introduced to Mike Eddy, VCT instructor at Century, who arranged a Zoom meeting to chat with him. ”Mike was energetic, knowledgeable and passionate about the program. When I met with him, he asked me what content I have created and talked about the filmmaking and video production program. I was so impressed with the college and programs, I decided to apply and was accepted,” Jordan remembers. 

Soon after, Jordan had enrolled in the VCT program, and found all the support he needed to be a successful student at Century.  ”I didn’t have all the equipment I needed for class, but that wasn’t a problem because I was able to check out everything I needed at the Visual Communications Technologies (VCT) studio,” he says.

Scriptwriting was Jordan’s favorite class, even though the writing process was a challenge at first. “Even if you’re not a good writer, you can get help from the tutors at the Writing Center,” Jordan notes. “I got the help I needed, and my writing improved.”

Real-World Experience

Students were taken to photo and video shoots outside the College, and shown how to conduct interviews.  “Mike showed us different interviewing techniques for helping subjects remain calm in front of the camera. He brought students along on actual video shoots, and he made it look easy,” Jordan says. “I used these same techniques later on when I interviewed a pastor for a documentary I worked on.”

Jordan loved going on the photo shoots.  “It was an eye-opening experience, seeing what it’s like to work behind the scenes. I had the opportunity to participate on an actual video shoot and interviewed the sponsors for a fishing foundation,” he remembers.

In Jordan’s final year, he took a portfolio class, which gave him the opportunity to gather all his video clips to show an electronic demo reel. Mike Eddy took the time to look for intern opportunities for all his students, knowing which opportunities would fit best for the students’ skill levels.

Jordan graduated in May 2021 with his AAS degree in Filmmaking and Video production. Jordan has created a streaming page, edits short commercials, documentaries and comedic skits.  In his spare time, he builds and works with computers.

He’s currently using his interviewing, camera and editing skills to help produce Lacy Johnson’s podcast on various social media channels. Jordan says, “I’m very experienced and know how to edit content for social media. For example, I can edit a 60-minute interview, down to a 4-minute teaser.” 

In the future, he would love to shoot product videos for YouTube and gaming channels. With Jordan’s passion and skills, he is open to all possible career paths, including working on a feature film.

Advice for Future Students

Like many students, Jordan worked full time while taking classes, and regrets that his schedule didn’t permit time to participate in Student Life activities.  He is currently a Personal Care Attendant to a young adult with a disability, which doesn’t allow him much time for other things. “Looking back, I wish I had more time to experience college life, such as being a part of a fraternity, sports and other activities,” he notes.

Jordan offers the following advice for students who are new to Century’s VCT program:  “The teachers are there to help and support you.  It’s important to build a positive relationship with your instructors. Mike Eddy became my mentor, and he has shared many internship opportunities with me.  Mike is an expert in the field, so I feel comfortable asking him questions before applying to any internships or jobs. If he does not know the answer, he’ll find out.

“After you graduate from Century College, you will have the skills and experience you need to be successful.”

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