June 01, 2021

Even though he’s just completed his junior year of high school, Joshua Yang has a head start on college,  As a Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) student, he has also finished his first year of college at Century.

Joshua was attending Roseville High when he learned about Century College’s Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program.  Coming from a family of high-achievers, taking the PSEO option seemed like the best decision for him. “It was a great way to save on college costs, and the location is close to home,” Joshua says.

Starting College in a Pandemic

Although it hasn’t been easy to start college during a global pandemic, Joshua has done well. “My PSEO experience has been fully online, and I’ve enjoyed it.  My eyes have been opened because of the types of people I’ve met through Zoom,” he observes.

Joshua considers himself an “extroverted introvert”, so he’s had to work hard to meet other students in the online environment. Last spring, he became a Tutor Linked to Classes in instructor Yanmei Jiang’s Composition courses.  Having been a prolific reader from an early age, Josh is also an excellent writer, and being a tutor came naturally to him.

“It’s nice to be able to help people.  It’s always fun when the person you’re tutoring makes a connection.  I’ve met so many interesting people, and worked consistently with 3 students, and with 7 or 8 students in total,” Josh notes. “Also, I’ve met a few of the other tutors professionally, and that’s been another good experience.”

Balancing School and Work

Joshua’s transition to college was a little bumpy at first, as the workload is heavier than high school, but he quickly adjusted. ”I had to be disciplined about getting it all done,” Joshua says. Tutoring was his priority, along with his coursework. He would typically finish work early in week, and then have time for his closely-connected group of friends and his hobbies during the rest of the week.

Joshua is working on his AA degree in Liberal Arts, and his junior year was focused on his graduation requirements.  Next year, he’ll be able to choose from a wider variety of classes.  Animation is a particular passion of his, and he’s fascinated with watching 2-D things come to life.  He especially enjoyed taking “Foundations of 2-D” with Art instructor Neil Johnston. 

“I was applying basic concepts and trying to refine them.  I didn’t draw that much as a child–I was heavily involved in reading and writing,” Joshua says. “I create stories that are anywhere from 1 to 7 or 8 minutes long.  I focus on a character and actions and enjoy doing voice overs.”

Joshua started drawing when he was in middle school, and he learned drawing techniques from watching Youtube videos.  In the beginning of high school, he started watching anime and was fascinated with that art form.

Future Plans

Joshua plans to work on his portfolio this summer, as he continues to lay the groundwork for a career in animation.  When he earns his Century College degree, he may transfer to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), or he may continue to work on content creation and focus on becoming a game tester or competitive gamer. 

Whichever path he chooses, he’ll continue to do well, as he continues to get a head start on his career.  “Saving money by enrolling in Century’s PSEO program means that I have greater options,” Joshua says. “Graduating from Century College debt-free means more flexibility in my future career decisions.”

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