February 03, 2021

Ku Hser, current Century College student and Visual Communications Technologies (VCT) major in filmmaking and video production, loves his program.  “I’m so happy to attend Century College.  I love to take photos, and shoot videos.   My favorite thing is just to go to class, listen to the instructors, and go out and test cameras,” Ku says.

Originally from Burma, Ku spent four years in a Thai refugee camp before arriving in the United States as a teenager.  He chose to come to the US because he wanted the freedom to get an education to support his family. 

Like many new Americans, Ku sees education as the pathway to a better life.  He didn’t have the opportunity to study English before emigrating, but he learned quickly and is now fluent.   

Prior to coming to Century College, he lived in New York City for a time, and, upon returning to Minnesota, he earned a degree in Human Services at St. Paul College. He loves Minnesota because there are many resources to assist refugees.  

Currently working as a medical interpreter at hospitals across the Twin Cities, Ku’s goal is to earn a Bachelor’s degree in video production.

Future Plans

Ku wants to continue to gain experience in the industry.  Prior to the pandemic, he started working on an internship with NineNorth (formerly CTV North Suburbs).  Although the projects have slowed down, he enjoys working there. 

Ku loves to interview people, and plans to reach out to local TV channels, and have a conversation about working together in the future.  He would also love to start working on something of his own, such as a talk show, and has plenty of ideas for promoting local businesses, musicians, and artists. 

Century College VCT faculty Mike Eddy notes, “His nickname is Superstar for a reason. Ku Hser is a highly talented individual both behind and in front of the camera. He has a passion for the Karen community and its creative artists.”

In his spare time, he loves to work on his music, singing, playing guitar, and giving concerts.  

“Century College has lots of resources, and a program that I like.  There are many benefits to being here, including the affordability.  I have no student loans,” Ku notes, “Plus, the campus is very diverse. I don’t feel lost here.  I feel welcome, because Century College is a very good place to be, especially for non-English speaking students who want to attend college.”

Ku plans to graduate in Spring 2021.

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