May 29, 2020

Alumna Gao Thao shares her story:

Which college did you attend? Century

Area of study: Enterprise Computing Technology


How are you helping transform the lives of others?

I can finally say I got my degree in college. I am a mother of 3 and I help others transform their lives by showing them that if I can get my degree for college and juggle that with life, everyone can do it too. I have gotten all my siblings to go to college!

What is your favorite Century College memory?

One of my favorite memory was taking my very first IT course with Scott Simenson and being on leave for a week because I gave birth to my daughter. After a week, I came right back to school to finish the course for the rest of the semester. I passed his class with a great grade!

Would you like to share a note of thanks to your teachers?

One person that helped me the most was Dave Keller, who landed me this job at 3M, which I am currently still at. Mario also helped me a lot. His classes were long, but filled with so much learning.