May 21, 2020

Working at St. John’s Hospital (M Health Fairview) in Maplewood,  Century College alum Trevor Blaine is on the front lines of the pandemic, where staff are rapidly adjusting to meet the needs of this public health crisis. Like most emergency room nurses, Trevor is cool and calm under pressure.  He’s been well-prepared for a long time.

Moving from Challenge to Challenge

Originally from North Dakota, Trevor took his general education classes at NDSU before moving to Duluth, Minnesota to get an Associates Degree in Fire Science from Lake Superior College.  He planned to get a job as a firefighter, and moved on to Mankato to earn his paramedic certification from South Central College.  Trevor earned an A.A.S. degree as an Intensive Care Paramedic Technician, in addition to becoming a nationally registered paramedic. 

Trevor was soon working in a hospital ER as part of a tightly-knit team with doctors and nurses in St. Peter, MN.  He loved the work environment, and found he thrived there. When a neighbor (and Century College alum) suggested he try the Nursing program, he applied, and found the rigorous training to his liking.

Strengthening Skills and Experience

“I’ve never experienced anything like this  It was very demanding—5 days in classes, 2 in clinicals and I loved it. Coming out the other end is an accomplishment,” Trevor remembers. “And the Century College faculty were very supportive–especially Kathy Fabro (Nursing Department Chair) and Rose Raleigh.” 

When he was graduated in 2016, he was rewarded by getting a job after an unexpected 20-minute interview. “I brought my resume to a job fair and talked to St. John’s recruiters.  When they saw that I had paramedic experience, along with my Nursing degree,  I was offered a job after the interview.  I knew five other students in my Century College Nursing cohort who walked away with jobs that day,” Trevor says.

In addition, he’s currently completing his BSN through Minnesota State, Mankato.

Trevor offers this advice for prospective Nursing students: “Study hard, and try to enjoy it. It can be overwhelming, but everyone is in it together.  By the end of the first semester, you learn teamwork–you learn from each other, learn different ways of learning and doing things, and that’s a huge thing–especially in a healthcare environment.”

In the Right Place At the Right Time

Trevor is well-suited for his current work challenges.  His calm temperament and extensive experience and training  have empowered him to endure the rigors of working in an environment where so many patients are showing signs of COVID-19.   Trevor notes, “I’m wearing lots of protective gear, and St. John’s has adapted to changing conditions.  We’re getting our (Covid) testing results back within four hours.  Our lobby has been remodeled to make everything safe and ‘Covid-friendly’.  We’re taking everything one day at a time.”

“I wouldn’t change a thing about my workplace,” Trevor says. “We have the best staff, and everyone is always looking out for each other. We work as a team. My time at Century College prepared me well, and got me to where I am. I couldn’t be happier.”

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