December 06, 2019

“Lighting is like jewelry–it can really show off an entire design,” says Dabren Bahn, Lighting Specialist and Century College Interior Design alum.  Dabren is employed at Filament Lighting and Home in Edina, Minnesota, and works mostly with architects and contractors, in a job that she loves. 

“I loved learning everything about Interior Design–from the drafting concepts to furniture to lighting to fabrics–everything affects every single one of the aspects of interior design,” Dabren notes. Her goal is to one day own her own business.

A Turning Point and A New Beginning

She was at a turning point in her career when she heard about Century College’s Interior Design program. After taking Computer Engineering classes at a four-year college, she realized that she loved design, and decided to take a break. While interviewing for a job, she heard about the College from her new manager.  After attending a Discover Century information Session, she enrolled in Century College and quickly found her new beginning.

The Right Fit

“The price was right, the location was great, and so was the program,” notes Dabren. “I loved the flexibility of the classes, because I needed to accommodate my busy work schedule.”  Affordable classes enabled Dabren to graduate debt free, and she didn’t have to take out any loans.   

Dabren also loved Century College’s small class sizes. Because she knew her classmates, she quickly became comfortable with sharing and presenting her design ideas in the classroom.  She found that the instructors also worked with students in the ways the individuals needed.  She was quiet when she started at the College, and with the help and support of her teachers, became more comfortable with meeting people, networking and giving professional presentations. 

The Importance of Networking

“The Interior Design instructors are extremely knowledgeable, and  know all about business,” Dabren recalls. “They also encourage students to join the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).  In the first semester drafting class, instructor Sarah Rodriguez stressed the importance of joining ASID and learning how to network and make professional contacts.”

Dabren eventually became president of the College chapter of ASID.  Her networking skills benefited her later on when she found her current position.  She had known Filament’s manager through ASID, and when she heard about the job opening, she emailed him about it. In May 2018, she started her new job on a Monday, and graduated from Century College the following  Friday.  

For those who may consider entering the Interior Design field, Dabren offers this advice:  “Don’t say no to any opportunity that comes your way. Push yourself to try new things and to meet and talk with professionals in the field.  Make relationships that will help you down the line. Century College Interior Design is a great program.  You really do get out of it what you put into it.”


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