July 30, 2019

White Bear Lake, Minn., July 29, 2019 On Wednesday, August 14, Century College will host a commencement ceremony for 35 Dental Hygiene graduates at the College’s East Campus, Lincoln Mall, from 5:30 – 7:00 pm.   These 35 students were in their last semester at Argosy University, needing only one course to complete their program and apply for licensure before the unexpected closure of the university.

Century College President, Angelia Millender notes, “This commencement ceremony will be a culmination of the efforts of numerous people coming together to support students and the greater good of the state of Minnesota. We are proud of the role that Century College played to ensure that these students were not left behind, and were given the opportunity to complete their education and enter the workforce as Century College alumni.”    

Century College faculty, administration and the foundation–with support from Minnesota State, state legislators, and former Argosy faculty–facilitated efforts to provide access with an opportunity for success.  In April, the College submitted a program modification to the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) with the request to modify our program so that we could offer a one-time clinical course to advance placement students, accept credits from Argosy, and partner with a clinical site so the students could complete their degree at Century College this summer.  In May, the College received approval from CODA without any restrictions.  This decision allowed the former Argosy students to enroll and begin their final clinical course in June.

Tracy Kuny, Century College Dental Hygiene Program Director, states, “These students were put into an extremely difficult situation. The prospect of not being able to complete their degrees after putting in so much time and effort would not only be devasting for them personally, it would also negatively impact our local and regional workforce,” Kuny continues, “If there was a way that we could help them to complete their degrees, we knew we had to do it.”

“We will forever be grateful for what Century College has done for us,” shares Erin Jones former Argosy student and current Century College student. “Not only are they helping us to complete our degrees, but we are all excited to have a special commencement ceremony where we can celebrate with our family and friends.”