June 20, 2019

Degree: Associate of Arts (Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, University of Texas medical Branch at Galveston)

Which college did you attend? Lakewood

Year graduated: 1988

Where are you now?
I am a physical therapist living in Florida. I am married, own my home, and have two wonderful dogs.

How has your life been transformed by your Century/Lakewood education, or how are you helping transform the lives of others?

Century/Lakewood helped prepare me to meet the challenges of attending one of the best schools for physical therapy in the nation - The University of Texas medical Branch at Galveston. Being a Physical Therapist, I help transform the lives of others daily. This includes helping students and colleagues.

What is your favorite Century/Lakewood memory?

I have many. Working with fellow students Jenny, Barb, Joel (who should be a chiropractor now), Trish (who I know is a doctor now…should have listened to her), Kathy (my physics partner), Heidi, her former boyfriend (whose name I don’t remember but his call to me motivated me to complete my education…one phone call!). My favorite memory is when we were in a social studies type class. We were discussing how family members follow in the footsteps of their fathers. I wish I could remember his name but he stated “if your great grandfather was a sheep herder, and your grandfather was a sheep herder, and your father was a sheep herder, what would you be?” I answered “a sheep.” It received a lot of laughs.

Anything else you would like to share?

All of my instructors had a significant impact on my life and how I was able to deal with life’s issues. I don’t  remember all of their names so I hope there is room enough for the following:

Mr. Haag my chemistry instructor. I have never forgotten to use the proper “units” in all of my medical documentation. I visited after my first semester at Galveston and he asked me if chemistry was used in my studies. I answered no. I could see he felt bad. That is still true for the first semester. It was all biology, anatomy, and basic patient care. After that the classes included neurology, kinesiology, electro/ultrasound therapies. Now chemistry, physics, and biology are blended together in patient care and continues to do so daily. So my answer today would be yes…chemistry is a very important part of physical therapy and the entire medical field. I hope he can still see this. I was also the first of his students to solve the banana gas riddle. I still think of that every time I write “banana” on a shopping list!

Mr. Appel my Physics teacher. He was great! I even had lunch with him once and I will never forget that. His teaching and personality influenced me in a very positive way. It seems like some colleagues may have forgotten some very basic laws of physics.

Mr. Crowley my biology teacher. The two courses I took from him still resound in my daily life. It helped professionally and personally.

I also had the greatest psychology instructors, philosophy instructor, and my physical education teacher. My physical education instructor gave my some life changing advice. At the time I was a swimmer (for exercise) and I would take my breaths while swimming always from my right side. She noticed a muscle imbalance in my shoulders (latissimus muscles) and told me to learn to breathe of both sides of my body. It took three months of practicing this but I learned to do it! It helped to balance my body and, believe or not, my mind. To this day I try educating parents and athletes about muscle balance.

Lakewood/Century College was one of the major positive influences in my life. I am proud to be an alumni of this fine institution.