June 06, 2019

When Century College alum Charles Georgi first came to the College, he didn’t know what he wanted to do, but he knew he needed more education.  Charles earned several certificates in a variety of areas, including Welding, EMT, Digital Fabrication Technologies (ECAD) and Additive and Digital Manufacturing.  “The diversity of classes, programs and opportunities at Century College allows students to become their own person,” he reflects.  “I’ve taken advantage of every learning opportunity, and I have learned how to adapt–I like to jump in and learn what I can really quickly.”

In 2018, using his creative and critical thinking skills, Charles came up with a project idea, and entered Century College’s annual Muskie Tank Challenge.  He was a co-winner of the challenge, and was awarded a $5,000 scholarship, which amounted to a year’s tuition and took a financial weight off his shoulders.  He was able to stay in school and continue with his studies.  Although he cannot give details about his project, he is currently working on developing and taking his product to market.  “You have to be vulnerable when you’re taking risks, admit that you don’t know everything, and you must be willing to learn and to take every opportunity.” 

Along with enjoying the many opportunities and classes, he enjoyed working with Century College faculty, including Marta Lein (Welding), Jeff Abel (Engineering) and Scott Randall (Solar and Renewable Energy).  “The faculty are very supportive of students.” Charles says.

After three years at Century College, he’s transferring to Bemidji State University, where he will double major in Engineering Technologies and Project Management and minor in Product Development.  He plans to be a project manager when he finishes his degree. “My grandfather had a saying about pre-proper planning preventing poor projects, and to that I would add, remember to organize your materials, manpower and knowledge for the job, task or organization, and you can get anything done.” Charles notes. ”I look for problems to solve, and I’m never bored!”