April 25, 2018

Do you want to hang out in the library longer?
Starting Monday, April 30, you will have your chance.
Century College Library will be open until 9:00pm the week before and the week of finals.

That’s an extra hour to use the study rooms.
An extra hour of help from Century Library Reference Staff (hello citations and last minute sources!).
One extra hour for you block out the world, and buckle down in our quiet study space.

Come and check out what Century Library can offer you.

Century Library Extended Hours Finals Spring 2018
Monday, April 30 - 7:30am to 9:00pm
Tuesday, May 1 - 7:30am to 9:00pm
Wednesday, May 2 - 7:30am to 9:00pm
Thursday, May 3 - 7:30am to 9:00pm
Friday, May 4 - 7:30am to 4:00pm
Saturday, May 5 - 9:00am to 3:00pm

Monday, 7 - 7:30am to 9:00pm
Tuesday, May 8 - 7:30am to 9:00pm
Wednesday, May 9 - 7:30am to 9:00pm
Thursday, May 10 - 7:30am to 8:00pm
Friday, May 11 - 8:00am to NOON
Saturday, May - CLOSED