September 07, 2017

Every month, Century Library puts new books on display.
Where can you find these books?

library_Banned books sq_2017.JPG

Banned books on display, September 2017.

When you first walk into Century Library, on your right is our display case, currently filled with banned books in celebration of Banned Books Week coming up at the end of the month. (Check back with us in a few weeks when we will let you know more.)

library_Surviving college display_2017.JPG

Books to aide you in college on display, September 2017

As you make your way further into the library, head towards the magazines on the left. Over here, you will find books that might help you survive this new semester, and the rest of your time here at Century.

The best part about these books is, you can check them out! Even though the books are on display, they are on display for you! We want to show you a selection of the books we have here at Century Library, because there are a lot. If something in either of these displays ever catches your eye, don’t be shy about reaching in. Feel free to wander off into the Library with it, or better yet bring it to the circulation desk and check it out!