March 31, 2017

Last fall, Century College student Bridget Ritzer heard about an internship in the Minnesota legislature and immediately grabbed an application.  Two things that Bridget loves to do are solving problems and helping people, and she’s currently putting her skills and knowledge to work as an intern with Minnesota State Senator Charles Wiger. Bridget is pursuing an Associate in Arts degree with an emphasis in Political Science.

“My duties include constituent work, going to important hearings or committee meetings, staying informed about current legislative issues, researching bills and a couple other small things as well.” Bridget said. “Senator Wiger works on a lot of higher education issues, so that is very important to me.”

While going to school and working at the legislature, Bridget is also learning about the process of state government. “I think the most important thing I’ve learned so far is, everyone in the legislature loves their job and is willing to put their all into something to make someone else happy. No matter what political party you belong to, they put their differences aside to get things done for the good of the people,” she notes.

Senator Wiger agrees with Bridget about the value of learning about governing. “I am so pleased that we chose Century College student Bridget Ritzer to serve as our intern this session,” he said. “As a former Senate intern myself, I know she is learning a great deal about how laws are made. She has a front-row seat to the democratic process. Being an intern in the Senate is a transformational experience that will stay with her for the rest of her life. She is doing a great job.”

Bridget chose Century College because she wanted to stay close to home and take her generals at an affordable rate. “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to major in yet, so I thought taking a variety of classes at Century would help me decide, and it did!”  Thanks to her internship, she may have found her career path, as well.  One day, she may run for office.