October 13, 2016

You may have heard a little about the election this year. We’ve provided a little bit of information here to help you navigate through the election process.

Registering to Vote
Have you registered to vote yet? The deadline is closing in. The Minnesota Secretary of State can provide you with information on how to register in advance, find out if you are registered or not, and what you need to register on election day. 
And guess what? You can vote early!

Not sure who to vote for? Answer the questions at to find out which candidate your views match up with. You maybe be surprised at the options.

On the Ballot
The Presidential election is not the only thing on the ballot. There are also US and MN State Representatives, State Senators, Court Judges and School Board Members to vote for depending on where you live. You can find out more at

The State of Minnesota website has lots of great voter information
Feel free to stop into Century Library for more election information. We currently have voter registration forms and information available.
Take some time and check it out, be prepared for November 8th!