September 19, 2016

Century College student Bil Thorne is in the right place at the right time, taking coursework in a high-demand and high-growth field, while also learning valuable experience on the job. 

An ITT/Network Security major, Bil enjoys both his classroom and online experiences.” The majority of the curriculum is online and accessible anywhere.  My instructors bring real-world experience to the table and share work stories that relate to the class that they’re teaching.  In addition, the online learning allows me to progress at my own rate,” he notes. 

Bil is also gaining valuable work experience through a partnership between Century, the Cisco Network Academy, and AmpThink. Bil helps ensure WiFi connectivity during events at the new billion-dollar US Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis.  Ampthink operates High Definition WiFi networks in large-scale, public spaces.

“The digital transformation of the economy is generating unparalleled demand for skilled workers and new opportunities for creative, tech-savvy people such as Century College students William Thorne and Ethan Bice, who have internships with AmpThink.  These internships provide real-world experience for Cisco Networking Academy Students,” says Clydene Stangvik, CSR Midwest Cisco Networking Academy Manager.      

“Century College and instructor Luke Andresen are key contributors to the Cisco Networking Academy’s public-private IT education program. They partner with Cisco and local businesses to offer transformational hands-on learning to diverse students, helping them prepare for industry-recognized certifications and successful careers,” Stangvik adds.

Luke Andresen agrees.  “By taking advantage of internships, such as the one at US Bank Stadium, our students are receiving valuable experience that employers are looking for. The current job market for network professionals, especially those with work experience and/or industry certifications, is outstanding.”

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