April 26, 2016

A few years ago, Jennifer Falck, Interior Designer with Sicora Design/Build, was at a turning point in her career, and needed a change.  On the advice of a friend, she decided to try Century College for a semester.  She wanted to earn a degree quickly, without going on a four-year path.  ”Century had good retention and job rates, and that helped me make my decision to go there.” Jennifer observed.

When she enrolled in Century College’s two-year Interior Design program, she wasn’t sure what she was in for, and ended up falling in love with her chosen field.  She took a design-build class, and, along with her fellow students, helped build a house in North St. Paul.  ”The real-world experience was invaluable.  Learning about all the elements that go into the design of a house, along with design schedules, is so important in this field.” Jennifer remembered. “Learning how to work in a team, and being able to talk to clients is another important skill to learn because you are also a sales person in design. Taking the Business Sales class was important.”  

Within a month of graduation, she had landed her job at Sicora Design/Build.

The key to Jennifer’s success was simple:  ”I put everything I had into my studies, and treated college like a job,” she noted. ”I took it very seriously.”  In addition, she served as President of the ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) Student Association, and was named 2013 Outstanding Student in the Interior Design program.  Jennifer was hired, in part, because of her excellent leadership qualities.  

“Having the foundation from Century has been wonderful,” Jennifer says. “In my situation, Century College was perfect for me.”

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