March 18, 2020

To ensure the health and safety of our campus community, Century College is following guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), and the Minnesota State System Office. The driving factor behind our decisions will continue to be the health, safety, and well-being of students, faculty, and staff. We ask all employees and students to be familar with the current health and safety measures in place. As Century College receives on-going guidance from the CDC, MDH, and the Minnesota State System Office this will be communicated to our campus community and updated on this web page.

The Century College Fall 2021 Plan is currently under development as we await pending updates from the Minnesota Department of Health on higher education specific guidance for Fall Semester 2021.

Health and Safety Measures

Face Coverings Required Indoors Beginning Monday, August 2

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) updated their public health recommendations - requesting that fully vaccinated people wear face coverings in public indoor spaces in response to the increase in COVID-19 cases due to the Delta variant. This recommendation applies specifically to counties where CDC data shows a “substantial” or “high” level of transmission. Currently, 21 Minnesota counties show levels of transmission where the CDC masking recommendation applies, including Ramsey County, one of the two counties where Century College resides.

Therefore, Century College will reinstate the face covering requirements for all employees, students, and visitors, including contractors and vendors, inside Century buildings, regardless of vaccination status beginning Monday, August 2. This requirement does NOT apply to outdoor campus spaces, including the bridge and parking lots. Signs will be posted throughout the campus, but do not wait for the signs to comply.

Get Vaccinated

All employees and students are encouraged to get vaccinated to reach the highest level of protection against contracting COVID-19, against becoming severely ill, and against infecting others. Visit the Minnesota Department of Health vaccination web page for more information.

Social/Physical Distancing Guidance

Social/Physical Distancing requirements at Century College have been lifted per guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and Minnesota State.

Although social distancing requirements have been lifted, we ask that you continue to be respectful, considerate, and kind regarding each other’s need or desire for social distance and physical boundaries. Safety comes first, and we must be honest and tolerant regarding our expectations of personal space.

Stay Home if Sick

If you feel unwell or have the following symptoms, please leave campus and contact your health care provider. Then, follow-up with your instructor or supervisor.

Shortness of Breath
Sore Throat

Cleaning and Sanitizing Protocols

Century College has met or exceeded CDC guidelines for cleaning in classrooms, study spaces, and public spaces, with a special focus on high-touch surfaces. Cleaning supplies, including hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipe dispensers, in classroom spaces, dining areas, study spaces, and other high-traffic areas are available and allow for self-service cleaning. Century College uses cleaning products on the EPA List for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Hygiene and safety for service areas. Century College has installed hand sanitation stands and other safety measures that support hand hygiene, including plexiglass barriers where appropriate; and limiting maximum capacity for elevators, classrooms, and other common spaces.

Campus signage and messaging. Century has displayed signage through the campus to provide directional guidance related to hand hygiene, vaccinations, and COVID-19 symptoms.

Safety protocols for instructional labs. Century has developed a detailed safety plan for on-campus lab instruction. The plan strictly adheres to all safety protocols, including population density in labs and other settings consistent with health and safety guidance; prioritizes research related to COVID-19; and incorporates all safety concerns related to biological, chemical, electrical, mechanical, or radiological hazards. The Academic Affairs safety plan, as well as individual division and department plans, outlined more detailed expectations specific to the activities within the department/division to minimize exposure to students, faculty, and staff. In addition, safety plans will, as appropriate, align with licensing and accreditation standards.

Facilities’ ventilation, water, and other systems adherence to CDC guidance. Century College Facilities Department follows CDC guidance for building occupancy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Essential personnel remain on campus throughout the COVID-19 crisis to ensure building systems continue to operate correctly and water systems are flushed to prevent other health hazards. Century College has adjusted HVAC systems to optimize fresh air intake and monitors and balances the systems to prevent any air flow conditions that could increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The College also follows guidelines and standards set by the Minnesota State System Office, in consultation with the Association of Physical Plant Administrators (APPA), the principal association on higher education facilities management.

Restrictions on public access to all campus buildings. Century College will limit public access to business use only. Employees and students should not bring children, friends or other family members on campus for the foreseeable future. Prospective students and visitors (vendors and contractors) should only be on campus with a specific business purpose or appointment. Prospective students visiting the campus should limit who is visiting the campus with them and should not bring children, friends, or other family members on campus.

Guidance for inviting a visitor to campus. Should employees need to invite a visitor to our campus, please make sure it is necessary and the meeting cannot be achieved through another way. Provide the following guidance at the point of invitation and scheduling.

Specific directions, including closest building entrance to employee’s office location or meeting place. This will minimize having to ask for directions of others.

Campus events limitations. Campus events related to recruiting, orientation and admissions will be held virtually when possible, those that must be held on campus will be done so in accordance with Emergency Executive Orders and MDH guidance. No outside events will be allowed until further notice.

Food services on campus. The College will provide some quick snack options: the bookstore has microwaveable snacks such as noodle bowls, mac and cheese, along with granola bars; The Connection has microwaveable breakfast and lunch sandwiches, canned chili and soup, along with pop tarts, and other snacks; and the vending machines have various snack foods.

Cleaning supplies will be provided for all classrooms and departments. Please submit a Facilities work order to request more cleaning supplies.

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