September 12, 2022

On Tuesday, September 6, Lynnette Lancor, Continuing Education and Customized Training Health Careers Program Manager, Instructor Susan Orth, and Susan Buckman, Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties, held a celebration for the graduates of a special 10-week CECT online course, which combines both Medical Office training and Medical Terminology.

The course is the result of a unique workforce partnership between CECT, and Community Action Partnership. “This is something new. I reached out to Lynnette to create this opportunity,” Susan Buckman, noted, “There’s an intense application process—this is not just for a job—but it’s an opportunity to gain a career. It’s a commitment.”

Susan Orth told the graduates, “Everyone did such a good job.  I enjoyed being with you as a class.  Life was going on during class, but we did it.  We did a good job.”

Graduates will now qualify for entry-level positions as medical office staff—schedulers, check-in staff or registrars.  A benefit of holding the celebration at Century College was the opportunity to meet with potential employers.

John Wittenborg, Workforce Development. Consultant at M Health Fairview said, “This is a new and exciting opportunity for us to partner with Century College in a different area.  We already partner with Century in Phlebotomy, Lab Tech and EMS programs.  This class is the first step for graduates on a journey to learn and grow their careers.”

“Class kept me sane while I was dealing with challenges,” Graduate Jennifer Cruz said, “I was a young mom, and always wanted to work in the health care field.”

Jennifer experienced homelessness, along with the added stress of completing her homework while at the hospital where her 8-month-old son had two open-heart surgeries. She is currently working  in the Cardio Intensive Care unit at Children’s Hospital, where her son had his surgery.


Century College Continuing Education and Customized Training

Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties