August 07, 2018

By Yanelle Cruz Bonilla  | Forbes

Imagine having missed your last few meals: your stomach is rumbling, you’re hungry, but you have to take a final college exam. Would you be able to concentrate fully? Well, that’s the reality 1 in 10 community college students face. What’s more, a report released by Temple University and the Wisconsin HOPE Lab found that 36% of students suffer from food insecurity while in school.

Unfortunately, hunger is not the only hidden cost associated with higher education that students face. The report also found that 46% of community college students and 36% of university students struggle to pay for housing and utilities. Additionally, about 12% of community college students struggle with homelessness at the same time they are trying to earn a degree.

Access to things we may take for granted—such as food, money for laundry, and appropriate clothes for an interview—can severely diminish a student’s college experience. Some are forced to grapple with stressful situations like having to choose between spending money on a meal or buying a bus ticket to attend class. Many have to work full-time jobs while enrolled in school to make ends meet. Despite these financial burdens, many community college students are resilient and have found ways to address them.

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