April 10, 2018

Working full time at 3M, running a small business, raising a family, and volunteering with local Fire/EMS and dive rescue groups, Century College student Jeff Amundson never thought he would have the time to go back to school and complete his AA and AS degrees. He started at Century in 1988, earning 44 credits, and then got busy with his career and family life.  In 2017, he decided to finish his degree.  This summer, he’ll complete his Business Transfer Pathway AS and AA degrees and will transfer to Concordia University for his bachelor’s degree in the fall.

As an adult student, Jeff appreciates his education more than ever. “I think I have learned more going back to school later in life than I may have 30 years ago. I have a new perspective on education with all my life experiences,” Jeff notes.  

The guidance he’s had from Century College’s Advising and Counseling office has made a difference, too.  ”Charlotte Nordstrom has played a key role in my success. I have met with her prior to each semester for the past year. She even called Concordia  to ensure my credits/program were a good fit. She went the extra mile because when I was at Century from 1988-90, the College was on the quarter system, not the semester system, as it is now,” Jeff says. “Concordia has been working with me and Century for over a month, and I feel very confident with the transfer.”

In addition, Century’s flexible online classes have been a convenience in Jeff’s busy life.  “Many of my classes have been online, which is very helpful with my schedule, and I have attended some of them on campus, too,” He added.

What advice would Jeff offer to other potential students wanting to get a degree? ”If you put your mind to it and manage your time well, you can do it all,” he advises. ”I felt I would never have enough time to go back to school with my crazy schedule. I still vacation and find time for friends and family, too. If you’re doubting that you have the time to go back to school, remember–I did it, and you can too!”

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