January 04, 2018

By Dan Emerson | White Bear Lake magazine  | Photo by Joel Schnell  

Over the years, the long, rich history of White Bear Lake has been told in books, articles and anecdotes passed on—with varying degrees of veracity and accuracy—from generation to generation. Century College music instructor Shirley Mier has told the story in a new way, in the form of a four-movement composition she debuted last spring, called Of Lakes and Legends.

Mier has been at the college for 10 years, starting as a music instructor and eventually becoming a full-time, tenured faculty member. She first dabbled in composing as a high school student, trying to figure out songs on the radio and playing them by ear. Then she and a friend “started writing little songs,” Mier says. “I’ve always liked analyzing why music works so well, what makes it tick.”

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