August 06, 2018

In July Century College Business faculty Kavi Turnbull  traveled to Medellin, Colombia and visited the Universidad de Medellin and Universidad EAFIT.  At the two universities, Turnbull talked with Business faculty about collaborating on coursework so that Century Business and Marketing  students could gain international work experience.

“The faculty at both Universities welcomed me and were very open to collaborating on topics such as negotiations exercises, marketing projects, and even proofreading business documents, as Colombian students are trying to become fluent in English,” Turnbull said.

During his stay in Colombia, Turnbull was also a guest lecturer in several classes on the topic of entrepreneurship in the United States.  He shared information on how entrepreneurs fund their business ideas. “The lectures were very well received, and it became clear to the students that the creativity and ideas here in the USA could easily be transferred to Colombia,” noted Turnbull. “It was quite inspiring to deliver these case studies and watch the students become excited about trying something new in Colombia.”