November 15, 2022

Since the passing of Title IX legislation in 1972, there is much confusion about how widely encompassing this law is when it comes to equity issues.

Century College student Natashia Green has been a direct beneficiary of Title IX, having played Division I basketball at Stephen F. Austin University in Texas.

“When I was playing, we didn’t have to worry about our program funding getting cut,” Natashia notes. “And we had boosters for our team, and they provided money for scholarships.”

However, Natashia understands the confusion surrounding the law, and has been doing research on Title IX as part of this year’s Honors in Action project with Phi Theta Kappa. “I’m looking at the whys, how it started, how things progressed with the law, successes, and the issues coming up, such as accommodating transgender athletes,” Natashia says. “I would recommend that everyone take a look Blinn College’s* resources on Title IX. It’s a great place to get started.

“Do your own research, look at the articles and read,” she advises. “Find out for yourself.”

In her research, she was shocked to discover that only 3 schools in Minnesota have a Title IX Coordinator. “If you are facing discrimination and don’t know who to go for help, where do you turn?” Natashia says. “It’s important to know that a lot of schools are not in compliance. We don’t want to fall short and fail our athletes.”

Natashia has a BA in Psychology and Creative Writing, and is a personal trainer. She works in the Fitness Center and is passionate about working with people on their physical fitness, health, and wellness goals. She plans to get her Masters in Exercise Science, and her PhD in Biomechanics, and she recently submitted a grant to the NIH involving research on injury prevention in youth athletics.

*Blinn College:

You can read about Century College’s Title IX glossary here:…/student…/title-ix/glossary

Century College Fitness Center:…/student-life/fitness-center