January 11, 2023

“My dad told me to remember that knowledge is something that no one can ever take away from you. It’s a gift to yourself. And I want to continue to grow and learn, in all areas of my life.”

Century College: A Family Tradition

Rose Yang knows where she’s going. She’s already getting a head start on her college education while she’s still in high school. She’s a Century College Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) student and will graduate from both Century and Woodbury High this spring.

She’s also part of a Century College family. Her sister, a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, was also a Century College PSEO student, and has helped guide Rose.

When the opportunity to take Century College classes came up, Rose was a little intimidated about the challenge, but she quickly adjusted to Century College’s welcoming environment. And she found many pluses to being a PSEO student: Century College was close to home, and Rose likes the small class sizes, and the opportunities to meet students from all walks of life, not just “traditional” age college students. Meeting new people at Century College has opened up Rose’s worldview.

Service to Others: Tutors Linked to Classes

Another exciting opportunity came up when Rose took English faculty member Yanmei Jiang’s Composition I class. She was asked to be a tutor-linked-to-classes for the fall Comp I class. Although initially hesitant, Rose accepted the challenge. “I’m grateful and honored to have this opportunity,” Rose says. “Being a TLC tutor is like being a Teaching Assistant, and I enjoy working through the class along with the students.”

For Rose, the best part of tutoring is being a part of her students’ growth experience. She got to know her students on a personal level, and learn about their lives outside of school and their challenges. Tutoring makes her feel proud that she helped the students grow.

“Gabby Her was my first student,” Rose remembers, “I’ve seen a lot of growth on Gabby’s part, which I will always hold dearly. She did a great job after having had a break from college. It’s heartwarming to see how well Gabby has done.”

Another aspect of Century College that Rose has enjoyed are the helpful professors. “Yanmei Jiang is great. She truly cares about her students as people – I appreciate her so much.”

Future Plans: Transfer and Vet School

Being of service to others is part of Rose’s DNA. She has always known that she’s wanted to help others.

Although she excels at being a tutor and loves teaching, Rose’s childhood dream is to be a veterinarian. She loves animals and wants to help them (and their owners). When she graduates, she will likely start at the University of Minnesota as a sophomore, where she will major in Animal Science.

Rose is thankful for having the chance to get a head start on achieving her dreams.

“PSEO at Century College has been such a beneficial experience for me. I would recommend PSEO or just enrolling in Century College! It’s been a great experience overall,” Rose says, “Community Colleges are so helpful. If you plan strategically and follow through, you’re benefitting. I would recommend Century College. You’ll only gain from it.”

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