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February 6, 2017

The first Century Author featured this month is Dr. Jermaine M. Davis. Davis is a member of the Century College Communications faculty. 

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Dr. Jermaine Davis
Dr. Jermaine Davis

Before receiving the prestigious College Instructor of the Year Award, Dr. Jermaine Davis worked in corporate America for IBM, Keebler Cookies, and Frito-Lay. Now, he’s an award-winning Instructor of Communication at Century College. Dr. Jermaine has authored and co-athored 10 books and holds a BA and a MA in Speech Communications, and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. As a communication and leadership coach, he specializes in helping teams and organizations that are stuck get unstuck through his award-winning presentation style - Edutainment - a fun combination of education and entertainment. Dr. Jermaine helps organizations succeed and thrive in the areas of communication, leadership, and teamwork.