February 28, 2020

Allina Health EMS Donation

On a cool March evening in 2018, as an Allina Health Emergency Medical Services ambulance crew crossed a large, busy intersection, a young driver ran a red light, striking the ambulance and tipping it on its side. Occupants of both vehicles escaped with minor injuries, thanks to significant advances in ambulance safety technology that Allina EMS had incorporated into their new ambulance chassis.

Advances in Safety Design

Prior to this crash, Allina Health EMS had been working with manufacturers to redesign ambulances with crew safety in mind.  Up until that point, there had been few safety advancements in ambulance technologies for many years. These new trucks boasted improved crash safety from the chassis itself, but it didn’t stop there. The seats for the responders were repositioned to allow the clinicians to remain seat belted while treating patients.  In this crash, these safety features functioned just as they were designed.

Normally, an ambulance like this would have been totaled, but in this case, it was destined for more than just the scrap yard.  For years Allina Health EMS has been a close, valued partner of the Century College EMS program.  After the crash, Allina worked with several partners to rehab and repurpose the patient care module of the ambulance for use as a training tool. 

A Generous Donation

On January 14, 2020, members of the Allina management team joined with College President Angelia Millender, EMS faculty, staff, and Paramedic students for a ribbon cutting ceremony commemorating this generous donation.

The ambulance module, rebuilt to near new specifications, now lives in the Century College EMS skills lab.  This fully-functional module gives Century College EMS students the opportunity to work in an environment very similar to the one they will occupy in the field, and it has become an integral part of Century College's medical simulation program. 

Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships with services such as Allina Health EMS are the foundation of the Century College EMS program’s success.  We wish to extend a heartfelt thanks to Allina Health EMS and the following partners for making this happen: