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January 26, 2017

This month Century Library has some great books on display. Were you thinking of getting yourself and your life organized this year? Check out our display case across from the circulation desk. It’s currently filled with books to help you get your life and home in order.  We have books that will assist you in the task of purging items, while thanking them in the process. Thinking of living with less? Now may be the perfect time. New year, new semester, new you.

Is winter starting to get to you? Try to embrace the cold instead of fight it. The books on display near our fireplace can help you do this. Ever considered taking up a winter sport like cross-country skiing or snowshoeing? We've got books to help. Are you an indoor person? Step into the kitchen and cook up some seasonal fare with one of the cookbooks we have featured. If you’d prefer to experience winter from an armchair, there are a few novels set in winter on display to choose from. There’s never anything wrong with wanting to curl up with a good book.