Additive and Digital Manufacturing

A few students gather around a 3D printer to watch the professor explain the operation of the 3D printer.

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Associate of Applied Science Degree

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About the Program

Century College’s Additive and Digital Manufacturing program equips students with the high demand and high-tech skills that are emerging through not only manufacturing but a list of rapidly expanding industries and fields.
The degree is comprised of two aspects, Additive Manufacturing and Digital Manufacturing:

Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) is becoming commonplace across the globe, from rapid prototyping, medical modeling, and tooling to low-volume end-use production parts. Students are trained in six industry-standard 3D printing technologies, from Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology to Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). Students learn to design for Additive Manufacturing with advanced 3D modeling software and then apply their skills by taking their design from concept to part in hand.

Digital Manufacturing focuses on advanced machines and technologies currently being implemented on manufacturing floors. Students learn to create CAD/CAM files or by conversational programming at the machines to develop a digital set of instructions to operate these machines. Students in these courses are working hands-on with some of the following technologies and equipment:

  • 7-axis Robotic arm carver
  • Collaborative robots
  • CNC milling and plasma cutting
  • Laser cutters
  • Vision inspection systems
  • PLCs and automated control systems

Recent Additive and Digital Manufacturing program graduates are finding very exciting jobs and unique positions, including Additive/Rapid Prototype Technicians in the 3D Printing arena to engineering or manufacturing technicians using and implementing digital and additive manufacturing equipment.

In addition to these machines and technologies, Century College’s Digital Fabrication Lab (Fab Lab) is also a primary creative/making center for ADM students and allows student use of 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, CNC routers, circuit board mills.

Additionally, Century College course offerings can prepare our students to take and be awarded industry-level certificates in areas such as:

  • Solidworks Associate
  • SME Additive Fundamentals
  • SME Lean Bronze

Biofabrication Technologist Certificate

The Biofabrication Technologist certificate is a collaboration between Century College’s Additive and Digital Manufacturing and Biology programs. This program prepares students with workforce skills in the area of biofabrication/bioprinting. This laboratory-based program focuses on human cell 3D and 4D bioprinting of human tissues and organs, the design of synthetic and natural biomaterials, and the development of biomarkers for tissue maturity and organ function. Also, this program includes an emphasis on biological methods and quality analysis.

Getting Started

Schedule a tour with one of our instructors, and enroll in our ECAD 1025 How to Make Almost Anything class. This course will give you an entry-level introduction to the digital tools and procedures used in today’s industry.

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Cost & Financial Aid

As a two-year public community and technical college, Century College receives funding from the State of Minnesota, keeping tuition rates significantly lower than private colleges and universities. With affordable tuition rates and financial aid and scholarship opportunities, our students avoid student loan debt.

Financial Aid

Century College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and our programs qualify for financial aid including grants, loans, and college work-study. Eligibility for financial aid is determined annually based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Century College’s Federal School Code is 010546.

Scholarship Opportunities

Each year, the Century College Foundation awards more than $300,000 in scholarships to Century College students involved in several areas of study. Students are encouraged to create an account and apply for scholarships online.

Tuition Cost per Credit Comparison: Century College $206.41, University of MN - TC $555.13, Private Colleges & Universities $1,416.

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Two Additive and Digital Manufacturing students studying in the lab.

Potential Job Titles

Female student working in the Fab Lab.
  • Manufacturing Technician
  • Prototyping Technician
  • Advanced Manufacturing Quality technician
  • Process Designer

Salary Data

Mechanical Engineering Technologists
Average Wage: $29.11/hour

Information gathered pertains to the seven-county metro area -

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