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Delivery: A mix of daytime, evening, and online courses.
Start: Fall, Spring, or Summer, Full- or Part-Time.

About the Program

The Creative Writing Certificate offers a concentrated course of study in the area of creative writing. In Creative Writing courses, students read and write in a range of genres, which may include poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, drama/screenwriting, and media writing. While improving their knowledge and skill in creative writing, students will work collaboratively with instructors and classmates in a workshop environment to build their body of creative work. Employer surveys indicate that the ability to write and communicate effectively are key for success in the workplace; the Creative Writing Certificate complements any career which benefits from knowledge and skill in creative writing, critical thinking, and cooperation. The Creative Writing Certificate also serves as an excellent preparation for transfer students wishing to major or minor in Creative Writing at a four-year institution.

Potential Transfer Bachelor’s Degrees

  • English
  • Creative Writing
  • Journalism

English Program

Add the Creative Writing Certificate to Your Current Major!

All you have to do is complete a simple “Student Change of Information” form. There is no other application required for acceptance. Reminder to add the certificate, not change your main degree or major. You can complete this process by printing the form and mailing it in or dropping it off at the Records/Registration window.

You can also complete and submit the form online. Once you have filled out the form, don’t forget to sign, accept, and click “Submit” to finish the process:

  1. Log in through your myCentury account to access the Online Student Change of Student Information Form
  2. If logged in, the form should autofill your name and other contact information. If not, fill in your name and StarID at the top.
  3. Under Change Request, click on the box that says Major/Program
  4. Skip “CHANGING Program/Major.” Important to leave this blank
  5. Go to the section labeled ADDING Additional Concurrent Major
  6. Under Degree/Award, click the box that says “Cert”
  7. In the box under ADDING Additional Concurrent Major, type in: English-Creative Writing Certificate
  8. For Major Number enter: 5848
  9. For Catalog/Guide Sheet Year enter the current academic year
  10. SKIP “End Date the Following Majors.” Important to leave this blank
  11. SKIP “Change Educational Intent.” Important to leave this blank
  12. SKIP both “Effective Beginning” and “Effective Academic Year.” Important to leave these blank.
  13. Check the box about virtual signatures “I agree to and understand…”
  14. Sign the form virtually
  15. Click on Submit Form

Program Faculty

Faculty/Certificate Coordinator