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Admission into this program requires a special application and is highly competitive. The college may not be able to accept all applicants that meet the minimum admission standards.

The demand for certified and licensed dental assistants exists with excellent placement, salary and benefits. As a dental assistant, you will participate in a variety of tasks that include chairside assisting, patient education, polishing teeth, taking radiographs, making study models, and preparing business forms. The Dental Assistant program is designed for career opportunities as a dental assistant in private dental offices, HMO clinics, public health institutions, dental supply and insurance companies, military dental services, and dental school clinics. 

Students will: 

  • Provide high-quality patient care in an onsite dental clinic serving the diverse needs of the community
  • Perform a wide range of dental office operations including x-rays, chairside assisting, instrument transfer, and creating teeth impressions
  • Use your dynamic personality to educate adults and children on the importance of oral health

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Special Application Required

This program requires special admission. You must apply for general admission first before submitting the special application.

Application Deadline

Spring 2023 Dental Assistant application will open here June 13th and close August 15th, 2022.  All required prerequisites must be completed by the application deadline.

Click here to view optional video instructions on how to apply for the program.

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Please note, you must have an active Century College admission application on file in the past 365 days or be registered for classes within the past 365 days for your StarID to be active. Click here to submit or resubmit a general admission application.

Application Requirements

1) Two Applications – If you are new to Century College or have not attended in the last 365 days you will need to complete the General Admission Application AND the separate Dental Assistant Program Application, If you already have the General Admissions Application done or are a current student in the last 365 days you just need to submit the Dental Assistant Program Application.

2) Academic and Financial Standing - Students must meet the Dental Assistant Program academic and admissions requirements.  Applicants must have a minimum Century College 2.0 GPA to apply to the program. The GPA will be calculated based on the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) guidelines, and Century college-level curriculum. Applicants must also have a minimum MnTC GPA of 2.0 to qualify for the program. Other types of credits will not be calculated in the GPA(including but not limited to) occupational curriculum, Pass/Fail, computer skills, learning lab, study skills, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses and developmental education GPA will be calculated on all program course requirements whether taken at Century College or transferred in from other colleges. The GPA requirement also applies to all coursework taken after application up to the start of Dental Assistant program classes.  Applicants must also be in good financial standing at all Minnesota State System schools to be considered for admission.  The college may not be able to accept all applicants that meet the minimum standards.

3) Century College Course Placement - Applicants must be at college level English placement to apply. Course Placement should be met at least two weeks prior to the application deadline. Visit the Testing Center website or your advisor to determine your course placement options.  Additional accommodations may be provided through the Access Center. Call 651-779-3354 to determine if you qualify for services.

4) English - Complete English Composition I (ENGL 1021) or transfer equivalent with a grade of C or better by the application deadline.

5) Communication - Complete One Goal 1 Communication class (COMM 1021, 1031, 1041, or 1051 at Century College) or transfer equivalent with a grade of C or better by the application deadline.  (NOTE: Goal 1 Communication Electives will not fulfill the requirement.)

6) High School/GED Transcripts - Submit an official high school transcript or an official GED transcript. All applicants must provide official proof of graduation from an accredited high school or GED center prior to the application deadline. The transcript can be emailed directly from the high school to or through Parchment to We do not recommend having it sent by US Mail.

  • High school graduates from another country must use a translation/evaluation service such as WES or ECE to provide Century College with an  international evaluation of their high school transcript completed and submitted to Century College by the application deadline. This can take 6 weeks or more so plan ahead.
  • Please do not assume Century already has a high school transcript for you if you are a current student. You can check at to see if you have an official on file.  All transcripts are due by the application deadline.

7) College Transcripts - Submit official transcripts by the application deadline from ALL schools previously attended such as vocational, college and university institutions. To be considered Official, the transcript must come directly to Century College.  For more information on how to send transcripts review here.

  • The exception is other Minnesota State System transcripts (such as Minnesota state vocational or Community colleges or the seven state universities NOT U of M). We will have access to those once you apply to the college.
  • If you attended a college/university outside the United States you must use a translation/evaluation service such as WES or ECE to have an international evaluation of your transcript completed and submitted to Century College by the application deadline.  This can take 6 weeks or more so plan ahead.

8) Selection and Notification - Applicants meeting the minimum admission requirements will be evaluated and ranked on criteria including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Completion of English Composition I (ENGL 1021 at Century College) with a grade of A, B, or C
  • Completion of a Goal 1 Communication course with a grade of A, B, or C
  • Recommend 12 or more credits taken at Century College or 12 or more college-level transfer credits completed at an accredited college/university
  • Awarded alternate status(waitlist) for the previous selection (Students must apply in the subsequent selection period to obtain awarded alternate status). The highest-ranking students are selected for the program and the remaining qualified applicants are placed on an alternate list. Once classes begin, the alternate list is no longer in effect. Those not admitted to the program must reapply for the next term. All applicants will be notified by email of their status in the program 4-6 weeks after the application deadline.
  • Please be aware that this program has limited enrollment. If accepted, you will be contacted by email to complete and submit an acceptance agreement to reserve your place in the class. Applicants not submitting their agreement before the deadline will forfeit their place in the program.

9) Email contact - Applicants must maintain a current email address to . Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of your place.


Additional Requirements

  1. Minnesota Law requires any individual having contact with patients to complete a MN Human Services background study prior to starting the clinical experience. An individual may be disqualified from having patient contact and would not be permitted to participate in the clinical experience. Contact the Minnesota Board of Dentistry and the Minnesota Department of Human Services with any questions.
  2. Current certification in CPR is required by the end of the first semester of Dental Assistant program courses. Certification must cover adults, children and infants. The American Heart Association Health Care Provider, Level C, CPR certification meets this requirement as does EMS 1010 at Century. The Red Cross also offers an equivalent certification.
  3. Immunization Information – Vaccination for Hepatitis B and a Mantoux test will be required prior to clinical internships.  Other immunizations may be required for clinical internships.  If admitted to the program please check with the Program Director.

Policy information

A copy of the program’s policy on hazardous materials, bloodborne pathogens, and infectious diseases is available upon request or by visiting

Cost & Financial Aid

  • Image of a bar graph explaining Century's Dental and Prosthetic Tuition Cost Per Credit.

    As a two-year public community and technical college, Century College receives funding from the State of Minnesota, keeping tuition rates significantly lower than private colleges and universities. With affordable tuition rates and financial aid and scholarship opportunities, our students avoid student loan debt.

    Financial Aid

    Century College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and our programs quality for financial aid including grants, loans, and college work-study. Eligibility for financial aid is determined annually based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Century College's Federal School Code is 010546.

    Scholarship Opportunities

    Each year, the Century College Foundation awards more than $300,000 in scholarships to our students. Students are encouraged to create an account and apply for scholarships online.

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The Dental Assistant program is accredited by the American Dental Association, Commission of Accreditation. Graduates of the Dental Assistant Program are eligible to take the Dental Assisting National Board Certification Exam and the Minnesota State Board of Dentistry Dental Assistant State Licensure Exam. Dental Assistant graduates, upon successful completion of the exams, are Certified and Licensed dental assistants.

Commission on Dental Accreditation
American Dental Association
211 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611


Student looking at a patient's teeth in a dental chair.

Potential Job Titles

Student looking at a patient's teeth in a dental chair.
  • Dental Assistants

Salary Data

Dental Assistants
Average Wage: $21.94/hour
Top Earners: $28.37/hour

Information gathered pertains to seven county metro area -