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About the Program

The Education program provides a certificate in Paraeducation and an associate degree in Education.  Coursework offers knowledge and experiences for those planning to work in diverse educational settings.  Students will:

  • Teach in the classroom alongside professional educators serving diverse student populations
  • Develop relationships to motivate students for academic and personal success
  • Design dynamic classroom learning activities using modern technology and research-based practices

The Paraeducation Certificate option is a pre-professional program providing an essential core of education courses and field experiences to work as educational paraprofessional.  Students are advised to take the ParaPro Assessment to become “highly qualified” under federal law (Title I schools). The Paraeducation Certificate is aligned with the associate degree in Education; students who begin in the Paraeducation program can easily continue on  to earn their associate degree.

The Associate in Science in Education provides a core of education coursework and field experiences, as well as general education requirements, for working with children or youth in diverse educational settings.  Students can begin introductory coursework at Century that transfers into a teacher preparation program. This degree also fulfills the education requirements for paraprofessionals as “highly qualified” under federal law (Title I schools).  If you are interested in transferring to a university teacher licensure preparation program, check specific transfer arrangements with the college of your choice with your Century College counselor or advisor. These discussions should take place early and often to ensure an appropriate program is planned for enrollment at Century College and at the University.

Planning for Your Program


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Potential Job Titles

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  • Teacher Aides/Paraeducators/Educational Assistants
  • Elementary School Teachers *
  • Middle School Teachers *
  • High School Teachers/Secondary School Teachers *

* with bachelor’s and/or master’s degree

Salary Data

Teacher Aides/Paraeducators/Educational Assistants
Average Wage: $32,423.00/year
Top Earners: $45, 833.00/year

Elementary School Teachers *
Average Wage: $64,360.00/year
Top Earners: $78,151.00/year

Middle School Teachers *
Average Wage: $66,424.00/year
Top Earners: $84,820.00/year

High School Teachers/Secondary School Teachers *
Average Wage: $70,609.00/year
Top Earners: $109,301.00/year

* with bachelor’s and/or master’s degree.
Information gathered pertains to seven county metro area -

Additional Requirements

Structured field experience in K-12 settings is an important component of quality education programs. Students in the Education AS program are required to complete a minimum of 50 hours of approved field experiences. Transfer institutions and/or employers may ask for this documentation.

NOTE: A MN Human Services Background Study may be required for some education field experiences, however, the background study is not mandatory to start or complete the programs. Please contact a program instructor for any questions or concerns about the background study.