About the Program

The Filmmaking and Video Production AAS Degree trains students to work in a variety of video-related fields. The instruction stresses the importance of storytelling, planning, shooting, and editing, as well as motion graphics and effects. Students have the opportunity to work in teams on real life, client-based projects to create marketing, instructional, and promotional pieces as well as: 

  • Tell amazing stories by developing and producing creative films and videos for real-world clients
  • Use cutting-edge professional camera gear, hardware, and software while crafting an impressive portfolio
  • Attain hands-on expertise in visual communications working individually and with imaginative peers

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Online Video Content Creator Certificate (12 credits)

NEW! Earn an Online Video Content Creator Certificate in one semester!

Companies are eagerly looking for video content creators. Today’s online producers need more than just the technical skills of camera and light placement, audio level adjustment, multi-camera switching, and how to stream live video - they also need to understand marketing and how to use video storytelling techniques to deliver key messages. This Certificate will study story structure and character arc. It will explore how to use social media to drive traffic to websites and ecommerce pages, as well as, how to access site analytics, track advertising campaigns, and how to deliver follow up messages.

Courses include:

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Learning by Doing

Quotes From Students

"I loved the projects we got to work on in the film class. Getting experience working with a client is very important because it helped teach us what to expect. Everything won't be cut and dry, and we will have to 'decode' the message from the client to figure out what they really want. I really liked seeing the reaction from a client after they have received the product and then seeing it posted on a website, Facebook, or in an email blast. It's a good feeling creating something that other people love." - Joe

"I'll use these skills that I learned for the future and explore more things that I still do not know. Getting to know pre-production and post those are some things I'll never forget. Again, I want to say thank you Mike you really helped me a lot through these semesters, I'm glad I found this program and made this my primary job. I'll get you that 10 percent one day." - Charlie

"Overall I really enjoyed my time in the VCT program. I learned so much throughout the two years that I am very grateful and will take it with me as I continue to learn more. I made some really great friends and met some amazing people as well. I can't wait to see where everyone ends up someday and hopefully we can all create something together someday." - Erica

"I didn't have a plan but then I got the email saying Century had a filmmaking program and it was the best decision I made. It's a challenging program, very time consuming but it was all worth it. There were times when I considered dropping out when things got too overwhelming but I'm glad I pulled through and saw everything to the end. I'm very jealous I won't be able to use the new monster drone or the new cinema camera but that's okay." - Alex

"I really loved my time in the Filmmaking and Video Production program. You do a really good job at creating a safe interactive learning environment. Through the projects and learning the software I was able to build large amounts of confidence in myself. I think that's almost as important as the skills itself. A lot of the important lessons are learned through the projects without us even knowing that we are learning them, I picked up on that after the first year, but I'm not sure if everyone did." - Joe

Student Videos

Alumni Video: "The Making of a REVolution"


Short Film

Student Interviews

Spencer Klover

Patrick Frost

Joe Bostany

Tony Rose

Dylan Kraft

Links and Faculty Contact Information

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Mike Eddy, Program Director

Filmmaking & Video Production Degree, VCT Program, Century College
Office: 651-779-5530
Cell: 612-232-7161
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Cost & Financial Aid

  • Image of a bar graph explaining Century's VCT Tuition Cost Per Credit.

    As a two-year public community and technical college, Century College receives funding from the State of Minnesota, keeping tuition rates significantly lower than private colleges and universities. With affordable tuition rates and financial aid and scholarship opportunities, our students avoid student loan debt.

    Financial Aid

    Century College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and our programs quality for financial aid including grants, loans, and college work-study. Eligibility for financial aid is determined annually based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Century College's Federal School Code is 010546.

    Scholarship Opportunities

    Each year, the Century College Foundation awards more than $300,000 in scholarships to our students. Students are encouraged to create an account and apply for scholarships online.

Ready to get started?


Student presenting her work at the annual portfolio showcase.

Potential Job Titles

Student editing a film on an Apple laptop and monitor.
  • Audio and Video Equipment Technicians
  • Camera Operators
  • Sound Engineering Technicians
  • Film and Video Editors *
  • Producers and Directors *

* bachelor's degree typically required

Salary Data

Audio and Video Equipment Technicians
Average Wage: $22.30/hour
Top Earners: $29.58/hour

Camera Operators
Average Wage: $21.34/hour
Top Earners: $25.69/hour

Sound Engineering Technicians
Average Wage: $22.07/hour
Top Earners: $28.45/hour

Film and Video Editors *
Average Wage: $20.95/hour
Top Earners: $31.68/hour

Producers and Directors *
Average Wage: $32.80/hour
Top Earners: $41.21/hour

* bachelor's degree typically required
Information gathered pertains to seven county metro area - careerwise.minnstate.edu

Complimentary Courses

Creative Writing: Screenwriting (ENGL 2029)
The Art of Film (HUM 1041)
International Film (HUM 1043)
American Film (HUM 1045)
Drones: Commercial Applications (SOLR 1021)
Acting for the Camera (THTR 1033)