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  • Delivery: A mix of daytime, evening and online courses.
    Start: Fall, Spring, or Summer; Full- or Part-Time.

    • Marketing Communications Technology — Associate in Applied Science Degree (60 credits)

About the Program

This polytechnic degree program blends three Century College areas: the theories and strategies of the Marketing Program, the application skills of the Visual Communications Technology Program and the hands-on and aesthetic teachings of the Art and Art Studio course work. In addition, courses from the English, Communication and Philosophy disciplines round out this curriculum and form a balanced theory/practice approach. With this type of preparation you find fulfilling careers in a variety of visual communications as well as visual marketing fields.


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Potential Job Titles

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  • Set and Exhibit Designers *
  • Merchandise Displayers
  • Graphic Designers *

* with bachelor’s and/or master’s degree

Salary Data

Set and Exhibit Designers*
Average Wage: $20.20/hour
Top Earners: $32.70/hour

Merchandise Displayers
Average Wage: $16.49/hour
Top Earners: $25.33/hour

Graphic Designers *
Average Wage: $23.80/hour
Top Earners: $36.83/hour

* with bachelor’s and/or master’s degree.
Information gathered pertains to seven county metro area -

Learning Outcomes

Marketing Communications Technology - AAS 60 Credits

  • Demonstrate the concepts and processes associated with identifying trends and marketing opportunities, as well as the strategies and methods necessary for participating, creating or initiating a marketing project or business venture.
  • Apply product planning, distribution, pricing, and promotion strategies appropriate to an entry-level employee using appropriate technology.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in social responsibility and ethics in a marketing environment and global economy.
  • Demonstrate the ability to think critically to generate communication solutions to meet marketing needs.
  • Demonstrate competencies in data analysis and technical application as appropriate.