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About the Program

The Mental Health Behavioral Aide II Certificate provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge about mental health, human development, and psychological principles to prepare them for a variety of entry-level careers in mental health. It prepares students to provide direct care under the supervision of a mental health professional. 

Since approximately 50 percent of the population will develop a mental health disorder at some point in their lives, the need for training in mental health is high. 

Completion of this certificate offers many benefits, including:

  • Employment options for students while they continue their education at a 4-year college or university, providing them with “real-world” experience which employers seek.
  • Career advancement opportunities for individuals already in the workplace who are looking to increase their marketability and training in mental health, or to meet licensure/certification continuing education requirements in some healthcare fields.
  • A valuable “add on” certificate for students pursuing a career in healthcare or the helping professions (for example, only 11 additional credits for pre-Nursing, Addiction Counseling, and Health Sciences Broad Field students.)

In addition, this certificate can be completed as part of the Psychology Transfer Pathway AA degree, without having to take any additional courses.

American Psychological Association

Planning for Your Program


Psychology students at Century College

Potential Job Titles

Psychology students at Century College
  • Psychiatric Technician
  • Health Care Technician
  • Mental Health Assistant
  • Mental Health Technician

Salary Data

Average Wage: $16.55/hour
Top Earners: $18.00/hour

Information gathered pertains to seven county metro area -