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  • Nursing Assistant

    Delivery: Daytime or evening classes.
    Start: Fall, Spring, or Summer; Full- or Part-Time.

    • Nursing Assistant — Certificate (4 credits)

About the Program

This Certificate is designed for individuals seeking employment in direct patient care under the supervision of a nurse in long term care, acute care and/or home care settings. Upon completion of this certificate, you will be eligible to take the examination for placement on the Minnesota Department of Health Nursing Assistant Registry. This course also offers the Home Health Aide curriculum.

Note: When searching to apply for Nursing Assistant courses, select "Health Sciences" in the Subject field.

Options for taking a Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide course at Century College

Century College provides two options for students who are looking to enroll in a Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide course. Students may enroll in a course for college credit through Academic Affairs, or not for college credit through Continuing Education.

The credit course offered through Academic Affairs is located in the Century's Course Search at Health Sciences (HSCI) 1001

The exact same course is offered through Continuing Education. For this option, you do not need to apply to become a Century College student. Search for open courses through Continuing Education or call 651-779-3341. Use the course name “Nursing Assistant” to find this course. If you take the NA course through Continuing Education, you are unable to change to credit or petition for credit in the future.

Differences between the credit and non-credit offering

Select Nursing Assistant courses are offered concurrently. The instruction, curriculum, and expectations are the same for both. Attendance is mandatory. Background studies must be cleared through the DHS prior to providing direct patient care in clinical.

Students may choose to take the NA course for credit to utilize financial aid resources and to earn college credit. There are limited offerings for credit each semester. HSCI 1001 is not a general education (MnTC) course, so it does not apply to a degree. Successful completion of either the credit or non-credit NA courses provide eligibility for employment. NA courses highly recommended as preparation for the nursing program at Century College, but are not required.

  • Credit Registration: If you are not already a student at Century you must apply to the general college, pay a $20 application fee, and complete the steps required for credit enrollment. Please refer to the Future Students page of the Century College website for the steps to getting started.
  • Non-Credit Registration: You do not need to apply to the general college, your registration is processed separately through Continuing Education.

Credit courses will appear on your academic transcript. The HSCI 1001 course is evaluated as a Pass/Fail course.

Registration costs for the credit and non-credit NA course (as of Spring 2017; subject to change)

The course cost is comparable. If you are currently employed in long-term care, inquire with your employer regarding reimbursement options.

  • $915.00 for the non-credit course through Continuing Education
  • $178.66 per credit x 4 credits = $714.64 for the credit course through Academic Affairs, plus a $20.00 application fee if you are not a current Century College student.

There is an additional cost of $213.00 (subject to change) for the Nursing Assistant Competency Exam, offered through Continuing Education. This is payable in two separate payments as follows:

  1. A payment of $149.00 is due at the time of registration, payable to Century College;
  2. The $64.00 balance is due at the scheduled exam session, payable to 'Pearson VUE' (the testing company); cashier's check, money order, or facility checks only (cash and personal checks not accepted for the Pearson VUE fee).

To register for the Nursing Assistant Competency Exam, search for the course “Nursing Assistant Competency Exam” or call 651-779-3341.

After you register:

Go to CNA Information for course requirements and directions to course locations. Please note courses are held at various long-term care facilities in the Metro area. Locations are noted on the course listings.

Questions about the Nursing Assistant courses:

If you have specific questions about the non-credit course offerings or course dates, times, or locations, please contact Continuing Education at 651-779-3341. If you have specific questions about the credit course offerings (HSCI 1001), please contact an Academic Counselor at 651-779-3285.

Questions about the NA competency examination:

For questions about the NA competency exam or to register for an exam, please call the Continuing Education Department at 651-779-3341.


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Potential Job Titles

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  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Home Health Aides

Careers in long term care, acute care (hospitals), transitional care, and home care settings are the most common as a Nursing Assistant and/or Home Health Aide.

Salary Data

Certified Nursing Assistant
Average Wage: $13.91/hour
Top Earners: $18.11/hour

Home Health Aides
Average Wage: $11.48/hour
Top Earners: $14.62/hour

Information gathered pertains to seven county metro area -

Learning Outcomes

Nursing Assistant - Certificate 4 Credits

  • Provide safe, patient-centered, and holistic care in entry-level positions in nursing assisting.
  • Demonstrate academic proficiency in nursing assisting by qualifying to take the MN State Certification examination.
  • Culturally-aware students who are prepared to work within a diverse and ever-changing world.


  1. Course placement into RDNG 0080 or ESOL 0032.
  2. Minnesota State Registry of Nursing Assistants requires registrants to be 16 years of age or older.
  3. MN Department of Human Services Background Study: Minnesota Department of Health requires any individual having contact with patients to complete a background study prior to starting this program. An individual may be disqualified from having patient contact and would not be permitted to participate in the clinical experience if a clearance is not issued. Call MN Department of Human Services with specific questions, 651.431.2000.