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About the Program

The Medical Office program prepares you to perform key functions in almost any medical office environment. The medical office technology program prepares you for today’s medical office responsibilities with knowledge in medical terms and anatomy as well as keyboarding, word processing, communications, filing and interpersonal relations. The program also includes medical insurance, billing, coding, electronic health records, transcription, editing, and other administrative classes.


Rebecca Carter Alumni
Rebecca Carter - Medical Office Technology Alum

"The real-life experience in the healthcare profession that the instructors brought to the learning process was valuable and applicable. I felt confident when interviewing for potential jobs knowing I possessed the necessary education potential employers were looking for in the healthcare industry. Shortly after graduating, I received a job as a medical insurance biller that I find fulfilling and I attribute my success to the strong foundation I received at Century College."

medical office alumni
Luann Schneider - Medical Office Technology Alum

"My instructors were very approachable and always helpful. Century College's online classes offered me the convenience I needed to complete my education. My degree in  the Medical Office Technology program has helped me change my career path and to find employment in the healthcare field."


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Potential Job Titles

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  • Healthcare Documentation Specialist
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Medical Secretary
  • Insurance Policy & Claims Clerk
  • Medical Coder

Salary Data

Medical Transcriptionist/Healthcare Documentation Specialist
Average Wage: $17.85/hour
Top Earners: $24.52/hour

Medical Secretary
Average Wage: $18.81/hour
Top Earners: $23.09/hour

Insurance Policy & Claims Clerk
Average Wage: $17.53/hour
Top Earners: $23.16/hour

Medical Coder
Average Wage: $19.54/hour
Top Earners: $25.67/hour

Information gathered pertains to seven county metro area -


These prerequisites must be met for OFFT 2006 and OFFT 2010. These two courses are prerequisites for many of the other OFFT Medical courses in this program (OFFT 2012, 2013, 2021, 2030, 2031, 2032, 2035, 2041, 2044, 2050, 2783). Students should not register for any courses for which the prerequisites have not been met. Program faculty will enforce prerequisites.

  1. Declared Office Technology-Medical major with the Century College Records Office.
  2. Course placement in RDNG 1000 or completion of RDNG 0900 or 0950 with a grade of C or higher.
  3. Completed all online self-assessments on the Century College Online Learning Guide to determine if technology requirements are met.
  4. SmarterMeasure is one of the self-assessments that must be completed. Students must have a score of 76 or above in the Overall Technical Competency on the SmarterMeasure assessment.
  5. Typing accuracy of at least 85% and typing speed of at least 30 words per minute as measured on
  6. A minimum score of 80 percent on
  7. Please fill out and submit the Office Technology - Medical Program Prerequisite Checklist before you start this program. Email it to Julie Myhre, OFFT instructor.