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About the Program

The Associate in Applied Science Degree will convey the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in traditional and renewable energy fields. The degree will prepare students for work as technicians in in the following industries: coal fired electric power generation, natural gas distribution, ethanol production, biodiesel production, wind turbine maintenance and/or solar energy. Students enrolled in Century College's solar program will: 

  • Implement clean energy technologies that make a difference on the environment and promote social responsibility
  • Participate on a team of technicians who design, install, and verify performance of solar systems
  • Belong to a green and sustainable industry that uses modern engineering tools and techniques to power the world

Century College is part of state-wide consortium of nine Minnesota State institutions offering this joint Associate in Applied Science degree in Renewable Energy. Century College is the only Metro-area college in the consortium. Many of the consortium credits are available online.

The certificate in Advanced Photovoltaic Energy Systems is designed to provide entrance into the field of photovoltaic energy systems. It is also designed to provide existing contractors and other industry professionals with skills necessary to work in photovoltaic installation and maintenance.

The certificate in Advanced Solar Thermal Energy Systems is designed to provide existing contractors and other industry professionals with installation and maintenance skills necessary to become solar contractors.

The Solar Assessor Certificate is designed to prepare you to work as solar assessors for contractors. Graduates will be able to do a basic site assessment including the feasibility of solar thermal, estimated costs, recommended products, and other information for a solar contractor to create a professional assessment and cost estimate of a solar project.


Solar Alum - Alan Wernke

"Century College put me on the energy industry fast track with solar knowledge. By taking night classes, I could join a local Solar installer, and move from intern to a business development executive with in 1 year. Today I am a valuable member on the team, helping to build a clean energy economy here in MN."

Solar Alum - Kristina Smith

"I wanted a great education at an affordable price, and the option of having classes available at all times of day, so that I could schedule and take them around family and employment commitments."

Solar student - Patrick Kane

"Our program at Century has equipped me with the knowledge and understanding to be immediately successful in a rapidly growing field." 


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Potential Job Titles

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  • Solar/Photovoltaic Installer
  • Solar Assessor
  • Installation Supervisor
  • Industrial Technician

Salary Data

Solar/Photovoltaic Installer*
Average Wage: $15.00-$25.00/hour

Solar Assessor *
Average Wage: $15.00-$25.00/hour; $175.00-$250.00/site

Installation Supervisor
Average Wage: $18.22/hour
Top Earners: $23.36/hour

Industrial Technician
Average Wage: $22.62/hour

* This is a new and emerging career field. Job title and salary data is difficult to estimate at this time. Please refer to the following websites for current information:
Minnesota Energy Careers | Minnesota Green Careers | Minnesota Renewable Energy Society

Information gathered pertains to seven county metro area -