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  • Delivery: A mix of daytime, evening, Saturday, and online courses.
    Start: Fall or Spring Semester, Summer Session, Full- or Part-Time.

    • Liberal Arts and Sciences — AA Degree (60 credits)
    • Minnesota Transfer Curriculum — MnTC (40 credits)

About the Program

Learning a foreign language gives you a window into cross-cultural understanding by providing you with a fundamental tool: the ability to communicate directly with speakers of other languages. In addition to teaching you communication skills, foreign language classes deal with current and historical cultural, socio-political, and economic aspects of the regions where the language is spoken. Studying Spanish at Century College:

  • Gives you a greater awareness and deeper understanding of other cultures.
  • Prepares you for travel for business, education, or pleasure.
  • Broadens your career opportunities.
  • Helps you appreciate the aesthetics of literature, music, art, and folklore of other cultures.
  • Helps you develop more flexibility in thinking processes through problem solving, conceptualizing, reasoning, and dealing with ambiguity.
  • Enables you to transfer four semester courses (Beginning and Intermediate Spanish) to a four-year university.
  • Connects you to the Spanish-speaking community through service learning projects.

Century College's Language Laboratory offers students the opportunity to practice the Spanish language in a comfortable setting. Language lab resources include computers to access audio programs and the Internet, videos, dictionaries, readers, maps, and current magazines.

Spanish Club activities include viewing and discussing films, fundraising events, weekly salsa dance instruction, museum and restaurant visits, celebrations of special days, and the opportunity to meet and hear speakers from Spanish-speaking countries.

In addition, Spanish language students are introduced to the Resource Center of the Americas (located in Minneapolis.) The Center's goal is “to promote human rights, democratic participation, economic justice, and cross-cultural understanding in the context of globalization in the Americas.”

Planning for Your Program