Visual Communications Careers (VCC)

A student works on a laptop customized for video editing with a colorful custom keyboard.

Delivery: A mix of daytime and evening courses.
Start: Fall or Spring: Full- or Part-Time.


Associate of Applied Science Degree

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About the Program

Visual Communications Careers (VCC), previously called Visual Communications Technologies (VCT), is the new name of the program area comprising the following degrees: 3D Modeling and Animation, Graphic Design & Production, Narrative Video Production, Photographic Careers, and Web Design.

Our industry advisors tell us that all media types are mixed in the computer these days; therefore, it is difficult to isolate the media into only one career area. That is why we give students a solid foundation in visual communications and specialty skills in our five-degree areas.

If you are interested in cool visual media, read the bullet points listed below for each degree. Keep looking until you find the ones that ignite your passion.

Then click on the degree program page to learn more, and schedule a tour!

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Cost & Financial Aid

As a two-year public community and technical college, Century College receives funding from the State of Minnesota, keeping tuition rates significantly lower than private colleges and universities. With affordable tuition rates and financial aid and scholarship opportunities, our students avoid student loan debt.

Financial Aid

Century College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and our programs qualify for financial aid including grants, loans, and college work-study. Eligibility for financial aid is determined annually based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Century College’s Federal School Code is 010546.

Scholarship Opportunities

Each year, the Century College Foundation awards more than $300,000 in scholarships to Century College students involved in several areas of study. Students are encouraged to create an account and apply for scholarships online.

Tuition Cost per Credit Comparison: Century College $219.95, University of MN - TC $555.13, Private Colleges & Universities $1,416.

Ready to get


Student editing a film on an Apple laptop and monitor.

Potential Job Titles

Student working on an iMac during class.
  • Animator and Multimedia Artist *
  • Film and Video Editor *
  • Graphic Designer *
  • Photographer

* with bachelor’s and/or master’s degree

Salary Data

Animator and Multi-media Artist *
Average Wage: $26.17/hour
Top Earners: $37.83/hour

Graphic Designer *
Average Wage: $24.04/hour
Top Earners: $38.68/hour

Film and Video Editor *
Average Wage: $23.53/hour
Top Earners: $39.93/hour

Average Wage: $22.34/hour
Top Earners: $39.80/hour

* with bachelor’s and/or master’s degree.

Information gathered pertains to the seven-county metro area -

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Graphic Design & Production

Narrative Video Production

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    Program Faculty

  • Experience: Mike Eddy is an Apple Certified Final Cut Pro X Trainer and has been a Century College Filmmaking & Video Production instructor since 2007. With more than 30 years in the visual communication industry, Mike has experience in video production, photography, print, web, interactive kiosks, and stage productions. Mike began working in this field back in the day when “multi-media” meant two slide projectors and a tape deck and when animated computer graphics meant programing HyperCard on a Mac II. He has had the privilege to work with General Mills, Federated Insurance, 3M, Andersen Windows, Apple, Compassion International, South Washington County School District, 5 Eyewitness News, and many other media production companies in the Twin Cities area.
    Teaching Approach: Mike’s teaching philosophy is to put students in the position to succeed. In order to continually improve the performance of the Filmmaking and Video Production students, he feels they need the right skills and equipment. But, they also need the right experience. “I recently heard a football coach describe his job as ‘putting the players in the right position.’ The player still had to execute the block or tackle, but the coach arranged them in the right place on the field to be successful. As a teacher, more of a coach or mentor, I see the analogy in this. I need to provide my students with three things: 1) The skills to compete. This could be software or equipment but also soft skills like professionalism. 2) The availability of proper equipment. What will they be using in the current industry? And 3) I need to provide balanced opportunities. By finding the right situation there is a balance of pressure from a real client to do a great job and the freedom to learn by trial and error.”
    Education: Mike graduated with a BA degree in Religion from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN, in 1980.
    Notable: Mike received the honor of being chosen as a National Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year finalists in 2023 by the Association of Career and Technical Educators (ACTE). The 2021 Post-Secondary Educator of the year for all Minnesota and Career and Technical Colleges was awarded to Mike by the Minnesota Association for Career and Technical Education Administrators (MACTA). In addition, Mike received the Minnesota State Board of Trustees Excellence in Teaching award in 2018 and was named one of the Century College Exemplary Educators.
    Mike Eddy
    Faculty/Program Director
    Visual Communications Careers
  • John Kothera
    Faculty/Program Director
    Visual Communications Careers
  • Tunji Akanbi
    Visual Communications Careers
  • Emily Anderson
    Visual Communications Careers
  • Jonas Burand
    Visual Communications Careers
  • Tom Hanly
    Visual Communications Careers
  • Adam Johnson
    Lab Technician
    Visual Communications Careers
  • Experience: Caroline has taught art and photography year-round at several post-secondary institutions for the past 14 years. She has taught at the Art Institutes International Minnesota, Century Community and Technical College, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design Continuing Education Department, North Hennepin Community College, and the University of Minnesota. She started her career on the cusp of the digital revolution so is well versed in both digital and analogue photography techniques as well as has been teaching online since before the pandemic. Recently she has been teaching digital photography using Adobe programs, focusing on specialized skills in digital editing and printing techniques. Beyond the technical she teaches conceptual thought, with students completing portfolios with an understanding of their work in greater cultural contexts. Her expertise has come from developing many classes from scratch, as well as making adjustments to institutional changes such as a new curriculum and short-notice class changes.
    Teaching Approach: “My goal, when teaching, is to foster critical thinking and problem solving, as well as to help students develop their own style and ideas. My assignments consist of both technical and conceptual challenges so the students do more than just follow directions. Critical thinking is imperative, and these assignments help them to develop such skills. I recognize that each student inherently learns in different ways and address each learning style through a variety of teaching techniques. I also take into account the class dynamic as I alter my lectures according to the interests and needs of each class. Another high priority is to encourage new ways to solve problems and take risks in their work. Taking risks often brings out the most unique ideas. My students leave the class having confidence in their technical skills and experience trying new approaches, not being afraid to take risks in their endeavors.”
    Education: BFA, College of Visual Arts, Saint Paul, MN; MFA, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
    Hobbies: Photography, crochetting, and cats!
    Caroline Solomon
    Visual Communications Careers