Class Cancellations

An after-hours photo of the hallway connecting the main building and Library/ Science building on East Campus.

Today's Cancellations

Friday, Feb. 23, 2024

There are currently no cancellations scheduled.

All Cancellations

02/22/20247:45AMENGL 1022 02
Course Title: Composition II (Late Start/Partially Online)
Course ID: 000468
Instructor Email: Comments:
W 2005Brent Heffron
02/22/202410:45AMENGL 1022 09
Course Title: Composition II
Course ID: 000469
Instructor Email: Comments:
W 2120Brent Heffron
02/22/20249:15AMWLDG 1019 01
Course Title: Flux Cored Arc Welding (Partially Online)
Course ID: 000492
Instructor Email: Comments: 2/22/2024 In-person class canceled. Please complete ch 7 review.
E 1666Marta Lindberg Lein