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Register for classes

Register now for Summer & Fall!

Current/returning students can register for classes in eServices using your StarID.  You can also check for holds on your records, check open class sections, print your schedule, see grades, and drop/withdraw from courses. 

NOTE: Current PSEO students can find registration details in their Guide to Success packet. Also, current PSEO students will also receive an email each semester with details on the registration process.

Review the Student Handbook which contains important information and outlines resources and services to assist you while at Century College.

Checklist for Registration

Important Dates

Spring Semester 2018
Graduation Application Deadline: April 2
Graduation Ceremony information mailed: April 20
Spring Semester ends: May 10
Graduation Ceremony: May 11

Summer Semester 2018
Down Payment Arrangement Due Date: April 30
Books Available: April 30
Summer Semester begins: May 21
Other Summer class start dates: June 4 and July 2

Fall Semester 2018
Down Payment Arrangement Due Date: August 6
Fall Semester begins: August 27


Summer/Fall Registration Timetable

Date Credits Earned Time
Monday, March 19 50+ semester credits 8 am
Tuesday, March 20 25+ semester credits 8 am
Wednesday, March 21 10+ semester credits 8 am
Thursday, March 22 1+ semester credits 8 am
Friday, March 23 0+ earned credits - currently enrolled students who have not yet completed credits 8 am
Monday, March 26 New visiting students may register 8 am



Need to Know Information

Wait List

When a class is full, you have the option to add yourself to its wait list to be notified if a seat becomes available. The wait list is shut off the night before the first day of the semester. Wait listing is not available for late start courses.

Open Seat Notification

You will be notified at your Century College email address as your position on the wait list moves up. Once you are offered a seat in your wait list class, you have exactly 24 hours to register (the email will indicate your registration deadline). It is extremely important that you monitor your email closely so you do not miss your wait list opening.

Being able to add yourself to a wait list does not mean you will be eligible to register for the class if a seat becomes available. Be sure to resolve all holds, verify in eServices you will pass course prerequisites, and remove all other registration barriers in advance so that you can register when a wait listed seat is offered to you. Wait listed seats become available 24 hours a day, including weekends. During non-business hours staff may not be available to assist you. You cannot be returned to your original place on the wait list if you fail to register during the 24 hour window.

Viewing Wait Listed Classes

View your wait listed classes in eServices:

  1. Click on Courses & Registration
  2. Click on Review My Plan

Your plan also displays your position on the wait list and allows you to remove yourself from the wait lists of courses you no longer want.

Credit Limits

If you want to register for more than 18 credits, you will need to complete an Exceed Maximum 18 Credit Limit Appeal form for approval by the Registrar.

Adding, Dropping, & Withdrawing

Adding a Course(s)

Courses may be added the first 5 days of fall and spring semesters (an instructor's signature is required after the third day) and the first 3 days of the summer session (an instructor's signature is required once the class has started). If you want to add a class after these deadlines, you will also need the signature of an Academic Dean in order for the Records Office to process the registration. You are required to pay all tuition and fees for any registered courses.

Dropping a Course(s)

You may drop a course during the first 5 days of fall or spring semesters, unless it is a fast track course. Full refunds are only available prior to the term start or during the five-day drop period each term, except as specified in the Refund Policy. You may drop a late start course only through the day after the first scheduled class day. This includes summer courses.

Withdrawing from a Course(s)

Course withdrawals ("W" grades) begin on the sixth day of the term, unless noted otherwise in the course schedule. The last day to withdraw date varies; it displays on students online shedule and on the course search details. You may qualify for a refund only if you withdraw from all classes (see Refund Policy for details).

  • You should withdraw after you stop attending a course or you will likely receive a grade of "F" or "FW".
  • If you withdraw after 20 days, you can visit until final exam week with the instructor's approval.
  • Withdrawals do not influence GPA, but negatively impact academic progress.

After the drop period has passed, you may withdraw from a class without the instructor's signature until the deadline for your course for each semester. If you wish to withdraw past the deadline, you can fill out a Late Withdrawal Petition form in the Business Office, room 2340, west campus. Classes that you have withdrawn from become part of your permanent record and will appear on your transcript.

There are three ways you can drop or withdraw from a course:

  • Login to the eServices
  • In-person at the Records Office with your StarID or student ID
  • Written request with your signature by U.S. mail received prior to the deadline.