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Century College provides resources and support to all transfer students. Students who have served in the military or have previously attended other colleges, universities or institutions can transfer into Century College. Students also frequently transfer out from Century College to continue their education at other colleges and universities.

Century College is a member of the united system, Minnesota State. The system makes transfer easier using Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC), a set of college level courses and credits designed to transfer to any Minnesota State institution, the University of Minnesota, and many private and out of state colleges and universities.

Whether you intend to transfer into or transfer out from Century, advanced planning helps ensure a smooth transfer process. ​

Transfer In

I want to transfer into Century College.

Welcome to Century! Discuss transfer with a Century College admissions representative and review the Transfer Admissions information.

Transfer Out

I want to transfer out of Century College.

Consider talking with an advisor or counselor to learn more about possible options, meet with a representative from the institution you wish to attend, and review the information below: 

  1. Access the Degree Audit Portal to see how the courses and requirements you have fulfilled.
  2. Check how your courses transfer in and out from Century College through Transferology.
  3. Transfer Guides assist you in selecting courses that will satisfy general education and/or program or major requirements at receiving colleges and universities.
  4. Review the Bachelor degree options available through Century's articulation agreements with nearby institutions.
  5. Utililize a checklist for transferring, such as the Transfer Action Plan.
  6. Know your rights and responsibilities as a transfer student.

Transfer Highlights

  • Last year, Century College students transferred their general education credits and degrees to over 130 four-year universities across the country!  
  • You can save $60,000 on average by completing a 2-year transfer degree at Century College, and then transferring to complete a bachelor's degree at a private college or university.
  • Accommodate your life through a variety of flexible course offerings, including day, evening, online and blended courses. 

Century College students transfer to:

list of colleges and universities where Century students transfer