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Minnesota State Transfer Pathway Degrees

Transfer Degree Guaranteed!

Century College now offers 8 new degrees GUARANTEED TO TRANSFER to all seven Minnesota State universities, SAVING YOU THOUSANDS on your bachelor’s degree.

For Fall 2018, Century College is offering Minnesota State Transfer Pathway degrees in:

Your area of interest not listed? Explore all of Century College's transfer options

Maximize Your Credits!

The Minnesota State Transfer Pathway degrees allow students to complete the first 60 credits at Century College and then seamlessly transfer to complete the final 60 credits at any of the Minnesota State universities. Completing a Transfer Pathway degree guarantees:

  • junior status to students who have been admitted to one of the seven Minnesota State universities
  • the completion of a bachelor's degree in 60 additional credits (for 120-credit programs).

Save Thousands on Your Bachelor's Degree!

Transfer Pathway degrees give you a powerful option maximizing your transfer credits, saving you time and money on your bachelor's degree. Check out a cost comparison below:

Starting at Century saves students money

Actual cost may vary slightly.

Questions? Contact the Admissions Office

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