Tutors Linked to Classes (TLC) is a faculty-driven program that links tutors to specific English, math, reading, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and science courses for in-person, online, or hybrid delivery methods. TLC tutors attend courses and provide support to the students in those assigned courses during class and outside of class including weekly office hours. This embedded tutoring model is provided in a variety of courses at Century College.

Since it's inception in 2007, the TLC program has resulted in improved course outcomes such as higher grades and grade point averages, less withdrawals, stronger retention, and more credits completed. The program also enriches the classroom experience, provides mentorship opportunities, and builds a sense of community among students, faculty, and tutors. Learn more about the program and how you can get involved!

The Benefits of TLC

Benefits of the TLC program include:

  • Improved course outcomes. Students in TLC supported courses consistently earn higher grades and are less likely to withdraw.
  • Higher student satisfaction. Students reported that TLC tutors helped them maintain or improve their grades and felt the tutors made classes easier to participate in and attend.
  • Representation in the classroom. TLC tutors reflect student demographics, leading to better connections and more engaged learning.
  • Educational and professional development for tutors. TLC tutors share that being part of the program helped them identify their professional goals and connect with their educational community.

Information for TLC Tutors

Tutor Responsibilities

  • Attend and participate in the class that they are linked to (in-person, online, and hybrid)​.
  • Offer regularly scheduled times to support students outside of class (in-person and/or virtual)​.
  • Collaborate with faculty and work closely with students to support course objectives​.

Interested in becoming a TLC tutor?

  • Identify a course you've successfully completed with a B or better at Century College and reach out to the faculty member expressing your interest.
  • Determine the faculty member's interest and a tentative schedule for the desired semester.
  • Complete the Tutor Employment Application and email Beth Timmerman when submitted.
  • The Director of Tutors Linked to Classes and Peer Tutoring will reach out with further details.

Resources for Current TLC Tutors

Information for Faculty

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Identify and develop potential TLC tutors.
  • Give direction to tutors on how to engage with the class.
  • Incorporate tutors into the class in an intentional and meaningful way.
  • Provide educational and professional mentorship to tutors.

Interested in having a TLC tutor in your course?

Resources for Current TLC Faculty