Access Center / Disability Services

A counselor supports a student register for classes on a desktop computer at campus.

Access Center / Disability Services assists students and community members to provide access to our programs, services and activities. We work with students with disabilities and Century College officials to resolve questions of “reasonable accommodation” and other issues related to the College’s compliance with disability laws.

An accommodation is a support that gives a student with a disability an equal opportunity to participate and benefit from Century College. Accommodations are adjustments to how things are usually done. The purpose of effective accommodations is to increase a student’s chances for success.

Requesting Interpreter Services

If you are requesting interpreter services for any event or specific class at Century College, please fill out a form requesting interpreter services (a minimum of ten days before the event or class) so Disability Services can locate an interpreter. Email the form to the Access Center or fax to 651-779-5831.

Disability Services Information