An Academic Petition enables students to request an exception to college policy or procedure when extenuating circumstances have occured. Students may also request an exception for a degree/program requirement when the student would be better served by allowing substitutions or waivers. Students must complete the Academic Petition form in an appointment with an academic advisor or counselor.

Consideration and processing of Academic Petition requests will depend on complete and accurate information submitted with the request. Incomplete and/or inaccurate information may result in an automatic denial or return of the request. Approved requests will be reflected in a student’s Degree Audit Report (DARS) accordingly.

Academic Petition Requirements

Students complete Century’s Academic Petition form with an academic advisor or counselor and attach their Century transcript and DARS along with supporting information such as a course outline or syllabus, course description, information from Transferology, or evidence of earned certification/ training (such as CPR). If an instructor and/or program advisor has information that supports the request, include this information with the request.

Submit one petition for each request; if the request applies to more than one certificate or degree submit one petition with rationale for each.

Students should consult with an academic advisor or counselor to:

  1. Carefully and thoroughly vet the circumstances of the request (e.g., consult Transfer Student Services and DARS staff, refer to academic record information, consider any previous appeals or petitions);
  2. Determine whether the request is appropriate/allowable and which course of action would be the most applicable;
  3. Consider what is in the best interest of the student (e.g., long term plans such as transferring out, pursuing more than one program at Century);
  4. Write a specific and detailed description of the request;
  5. Provide thorough clarification and rationale for the intent and purpose for the request or exception, including identifying extenuating circumstances, if related; and
  6. Provide relevant supporting documentation (e.g., course syllabus, evidence of circumstances beyond control).

Appropriate Academic Petitions include:

  • Satisfy or fulfill MnTC goal area(s)
  • Transfer Credit Appeal Level 2
  • Course substitution: uses a course taken at Century or another institution in place of a required course for a certificate or degree. In order for a course substitution to occur, the student must have taken a course at Century or transferred credit from another institution in to Century.
  • Waive degree requirement: exempts the student from having to complete a particular course for a certificate or degree; students may request a degree requirement waiver if they feel that courses taken at another institution or if life/work experience have provided them with sufficient knowledge of the course content. If a degree requirement waiver is granted, the student must still make up the credits for that degree requirement by completing appropriate coursework.
  • Allow waiver of 5-year life policy for career/occupational/technical course(s)
  • Satisfy electives requirement
  • Thorough clarification and rationale for the request, identifying extenuating circumstances, if related, and/or relevant supporting documentation (e.g., course syllabus, evidence of circumstances beyond student’s control)

Inappropriate petitions submitted for consideration will be returned to the respective academic advisor or counselor, and/or rejected or denied.

Academic Petition Form

Students must meet with an academic advisor or counselor to complete and submit an Academic Petition request.